The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


23. The Long Day

I continued going to school. The Headmaster agreed to not tell any of the other teachers of the baby. I still hadn't told Shannon and Mark yet, and I'm sure it wouldn't work out too good if I did tell them. It had been a couple of weeks sense I had seen Alex and normally by now I would've been taken over by the Demon, but it still retreated away. I started getting morning sickness, and gaining weight as well. Thank god Shannon and Mark didn't notice. But everyone at school did.

I got up and ready for school. Shannon drove me in as normal, the twins argued that I should sit in the back as normal. I got out and walked into the school in complete silence. I went to homeroom and sat at my desk. Everyone else fell into place around me, then it started, the paper throwing, the poking, and then someone throw a textbook at me, it split my head, I got up and grabbed my books and walked out in tears. As I walked down the hall Alex was standing there he looked at me and I half went to walk away, he grabbed my arms and looked at my head, then he walked into the classroom and then back out he grabbed me hands and dragged me behind him, "Alex..." I sighed, "I just want to go home..." I said as Alex stopped, he smiled at me, "We are going to go shopping for the little one! I've just got to sign you out!" He smiled dragging me to the office.

Once we got to town Alex kept looking at me. He didn't say anything at first he just kept looking down at me. I couldn't do it anymore. I just want to go home I'm so tired. I'm over this fear I just need a break! "What's the point in buying all these things for the baby? What if it dies and we are stuck with all this stuff!" I said nearly in tears Alex looked at me for a minute, "Come here princess." He said pulling me into a hug. "No. Stop treating me like a child and telling me everything's going to be alright because it's not! It's never alright!" I cried, I couldn't do it anymore I walked back out to the car, Alex chasing after me. I put my head against the car and Alex grabbed me, "Honey..." He said softly hugging me, "I'm sorry Alex... I'm just- I don't know what I'm doing...I'm scared." I cried into his chest shaking my head, "Come on I'll take you home." Alex said opening the car and helping me in.

I sat on the lounge at Alex's place. I was still really upset. Alex laid down on the ground, I riled off the lounge to lie beside him. He put his arm around me and after a whole he fell asleep. So did I.

It was quite late when I woke up. Alex was already up. "Hey babe!" He smiled as I stood up he kissed and I smiled for the first time the whole day, "How many centuries have past!" I giggled and Alex laughed at me. There was a nock at the door and Alex went to answer it, "Is this Alex Ambrosia's house?" Asked the person at the door, I sat on the lounge to listen, "Yes" Alex answered, "How many people live here?" Asked the person at the door, "Ummm I live here all the time but my girlfriend's often here a lot... And my mate when his girl gets mad at him." Alex said I walked over and hugged him, there were two police officers at the door, "Is this your girlfriend?" The officer asked, Alex nodded, "Yes." He said, I needed to go to the bathroom really bad, and quickly ran up stairs without saying anything, "Where is she going?!?" The officer asked looking as if I had done something offensive, "She's probably going to the bathroom, do you need anything?!" Alex said trying to get the officer out of the door way, "Her! We need her!" The officer said, "Why?!" Alex glared at the officer, both of them were shouting, "ALEX!!!" I screamed out, I had thrown up, but this time there was blood in it, my hands were shaking and I was ghost white, my eyes were getting dark and I was freezing, Alex burst through the bathroom door and put a towel around me, "Calm down! Calm down it's ok that's normal remember..remember what the doctor said, if you start to stress this will happen, take a deep breath." Alex said holding me tightly, "There we go, honey see it's ok." Alex said helping me up, my legs felt weak, and my head was spinning, "Alex..." I sobbed as he held me, the officers had come in, they stood there watching, "What's wrong with her?!" They asked, "She's been under a lot of pressure lately and hasn't been comping! Can you please come back another time? She kind of needs me right now." Alex said holding me tightly, I fell to the ground and started throwing up again, the officers were out of there faster then they had come up. I started to cry and Alex held me. "Come on I'll run you a nice warm bubble bath! And I'll bring you some ice cream." Alex smiled to me as he ran the bath I sat on the bathroom floor sobbing, once the bath was ready I got up and undressed, I was half undressed when Alex went to leave, I grabbed his arm, "Don't go..." I trembled as I held his warm hand, he smiled at me and stayed, I was afraid of that happening again. I didn't want to be alone again. Alex looked at my tummy, I hadn't noticed how big I was getting, you could just make out the bump. Alex sat on the floor beside the tub. I got in the water would've been boiling for anyone else but for me it was perfect.

Once I got out of the bath, I went to the bedroom and got into my pjs Alex walked in with three bowls of ice cream and a movie, he sat in the bed beside me, "One at a time!" He said taking one of the bowls away, "Ah! But I've still got two!" I teased Alex took his ice cream with him as he set up the tv, our bed was just a matrices on the ground and the tv was an old box tv that was left by one of the builders, I found it amusing everyone did. Alex laid across my legs as he ate his ice cream, "What are you doing?" I asked he smiled at me, he had his spoon in my bowl, I started to laugh and gave him the empty bowl. He pulled me into a hug. The rest of the night was just Alex cheering me up and trying to make me feel normal again.

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