The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


20. The Hotel

After Alex and I went to a hotel and only Rose and James knew we were going. It was so fancy. Marble walls in side and out, huge old fashioned windows, the wall behind the desk was old oak, the lobby was filled with black chairs that had white coffee tables and red carpets. Alex grabbed my hand and smiled at me dragging me to the elevator. He pressed the top button floor 200. We walked a bit down the hall, to room 211B. I looked at Alex "It's already perfect!!" I giggle think of Sherlock Holmes. We went in, this place was as big as my uncle'a whole house plus the yard! The walls were marble just like the rest of the building but instead of having black and white the room was done with white and gold trimming, the floors in the room brought life to the room, I walked into the bed room it was huge! I lied on the bed feeling waitress. Alex came in and sat beside me, "I've organised them to deliver dinner to the room." He smiled, "That's if you're hungry. We can put it in the fridge if you're not." I kissed him and said, "I've eaten enough to feed an army." We play fought on the bed until the butler came with a pizza and two bottles of win. I smiled at Alex as he put the pizza away and brought back to the room the bottles of win and two glasses.

We drank both bottles then ordered more. We drank all them as well. We started to kiss. He pulled me really close. Then we started to undress eachother. We kissed more. His skin was so warm against mine. I was freezing.

I woke up. Rubbing my eyes I grabbed Alex's t-shirt from the bag on the ground and slipped it on. I walked out to the kitchen where Alex was attempting to make breakfast. "Boo!" I giggled as I kissed his back, "Oi! You scared me!" He smiled back, "No I didn't! You heard me trip over the carpet!" I laughed back, "Hey honey... I might've burnt breakfast...." Alex smiled holding up the black pancakes. I laughed at me and smiled, "Let's go for a shower!" I grabbed his hand.

"Hey guys!!!" Someone screamed out from the living room, Alex got out and dressed. "Katie! Rose and James are here." Alex called back to me as I got out of the shower. I got dressed quickly and went out to great them. "Rose!" I smiled hugging her, "How's your headache?" James laughed, "Rose couldn't get out of bed!" He laughed and Rose hit him, "It could be better!" I laughed. We all stayed at the hotel for the rest of the day, eating the pizza from last night and drink the left over win.

After Rose and James left Alex and I went back to the room and this time we weren't completely drunk.

It was our last day at the hotel. I stayed in bed most of the day. I felt kinda sick. Alex stayed with me. He told me it was because of the amount of alcohol I had drunk in such a small period of time.

"I don't want to go back there." I said to him as he packed my bag. "You don't have to..." Alex said looking at me, "Because you're sixteen now you can more out. I've been saving for a long time and I've just finished building a house of my own..." He begun crawling back into bed with me. "I can only more out if my adopted parents agree... Because I haven't lived with them long enough the government won't allow it." I curled up beside him, again his body was warmer then mine.

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