The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


5. The First of the Darkness

It had been about three months since I left my uncle's. The demon was still there a lot more then normal but I ignored it. I tried being happy and getting used to other people. Alex, Rose, James, myself and a few others from border classes often went into town and hung out together. The first few times I wouldn't leave Alex's side, but then I started to get to know them a bit more, a few of them thought I was weird and didn't like me at first they thought I was being childish, until Rose told them what I had been through in the last couple of months and they started to understand better. I even told the Headmaster that there was something trying to kill me in my head but that's all I could manage. I knew Alex had already told him about the demon and to not try and rush me into telling him. Everything was starting to look up till one morning the last day of school. Alex and I we're sitting on the lounge arguing about what movie we were going to watch. When the headmaster came in to the living room with two police officers, and two business looking men, I grabbed hold of Alex and tried to not look afraid, "Kate?" Asked the shorter of the two officers, Alex put his arm over my leg as soon as the officer approached us, "It's ok buddy, I just want to talk to her for a minute." The officer said calmly, I grabbed Alex's arm tightly, "Alex.." The Headmaster said softly to Alex, "No! No don't leave! You said..." I grabbed Alex tighter and he hugged me, the officer stood up and looked at the headmaster "She doesn't like talking to people she doesn't know, Alex is the only one she really talks to." The headmaster told the officer he was the most serious I had ever heard him, "Well we still need to talk to her, with out him in here." The officer said Alex stood up, "Hurt her in anyway and I'll hunt you down and make you pay! All of you!" Alex barked at them as he walked out of the living room, they all looked at each other and I had to hide the smirk on my face. They all looked at each other with a worried look, "Ok, down to business." Said the officer siting beside me and setting up a tape recorder I moved across about two seat spaces, "Kate is it ok by you if this conversation is recorded?" He asked me I looked at him with the worlds nastiest look, "No." I said coldly the officer looked at me "For legal reasons it has to be recorded." He said I stood up grabbed the tape recorder and walked to the window, "I said no." And I through it out the window, the look on his face was priceless the headmasters was even better then the officers he was trying to control his laughter. I went and sat down on the bean bag and looked at the officer, "Now you may continue." I knew the both had wires under their uniforms I just wanted to make the headmaster smile, "o-ok. Kate is it true you love with your uncle?" He asked me I stood up and walked around "live? I believe I LIVED with him as I don't anymore it's must be said in past tense. And live isn't the correct word." I said walking around and looking out the window, "What would be the correct word?" The officer asked, "What's your name?" I asked the officer looked puzzled, "Pardon?" He asked, "What's your name? I don't know your name but you know mine it's quite annoying." I spoke sharply I felt like Sherlock Holmes I was being quite difficult and I was enjoying it. "John Walter?" He said more confused then before, "Is that a question? Or your name?" I asked he looked at me puzzled and slitty annoyed, "What rude manners." I muttered under my breath, "well then John. The answer to your original question is that I never lived I had my childhood stolen from me and the only reason I'm at this amazing school is because of Ben the shop keeper the only person who ever should me compassion, he would make all the fear go away and he kept my secrets he saved me from my uncle he was never aloud to take me on as his own because their lot said he was "too old" to take on a child but yet a man who can't even afford to feed himself can keep a child. Your ways a fucked! I hope one day you'll open your eyes and see what it would be like to be part of the A Team! Because it's a living hell! It's worse then hell! Hell is just really hot being a part of the A Team is like dying everyday you have no soul you feel no pain and ignore the fear you do anything they say until you stop breathing you do what you can to stay alive! Open your fucking eyes you high classes assholes! Well you are going home everyday I was standing on the street waiting for some easy money for my uncle then if I didn't get enough I would be bashed up! Well you sit at home in your air coned house with your cold beer watching the footy with your son as your wife makes dinner, I've not had a real meal the whole time I was at my uncles dinner was in the Freezer packed in ice it would take three hours to get to room temp you don't know that feeling you never will know that feeling because you weren't born into the A Team!" I barked angry at them all, I walked out of the room, they all sat there in shock.

I walked to Alex's room and walked in, "I want to go out right now and get drunk." I said still extremely mad, Alex could see this and grabbed his keys and wallet. We walked out to the front door and they were all still sitting there withe the headmaster trying to explain my behaviour.

"Rose and the others are going to come out to I just text them." I still had pure hate in my voice. We stopped at the pub it had just opened and there was only a few people in there watching the footy Alex and I sat at the bar, and as the others started arriving my first words where "Let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favour!" And I took a shot. We all drunk a lot and then the manager came over and asked for our IDs as I was the only one under age we decided to run for it.

We sat by the cars. Rose and I were talking about who amazing the new season of Sherlock is and being completely retarded. Alex was talking to James about what had happened to make me want to go get smashed. I stood up and and said to Alex and James, "I told then to pill their fucking heads out of their assholes and look at what it's like to be apart of the A Team." Then I grabbed Alex and hugged him "I want to go home now I'm tired." I giggled to him.

We went home and Alex carried me up to the room. "Please don't go I want you to stay." I said holding on to his hand Alex laid down bedside me and hugged me tightly. "I'm sorry I made you take me out." I said rolling over so I could hug him back "Don't be I wanted to go out anyway." Alex smiled at me and kissed my noes.

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