The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


1. The First Encounter

I'm only safe in my dreams. He can't hurt me there,nobody can.thats what I used to think. "Kate! You good for nothing brat! Get the fuck up now!" My uncle screamed through the walls of his little wooden house. I got up and dressed straight away. My uncle in his favourite,disgusting green chair near the old box tv, with two girls by his side. "Is that it?"Asked the blond woman on his lap, "Is that the kid that cost you ya wealth?" Her voice was drunken and irritating, "that's her." My uncle replied, both girls got up and looked at me as I finished packing my bag for school,"You selfish little brat! You cost your sweet uncle all his wealth! And now he has to look after you and can't live in the mansion he deserves!" And with that both the women started bashing me and my uncle just watched on as normal.

Great rain. The cold summer rain felt like glass on my face. The sky was black and it was dark. I felt my lip, third time this week those women had bashed me over his money but I doubt the remember any of it. I started to try and dry off before homeroom. Thank god I'm not the only one who looked like a drowned rat. I went to homeroom and sat at my desk. The teacher started to call the roll, right before she got to my name a senior came in. "Excuse me Ma'am, is this 10A?" He asked looking through class, all the girls were giggling and whispering. I Kept to myself as normal. "Yes it is how may I help you young man?" Said Mrs. Quinn to the boy he looked around the class more, "I've been asked to come and get, Kate Harris, is this her class?" He asked I looked up and all the other girls nearly died the hopeful giggling stopped and they all glared at me, I stood up and grabbed my books, he was holding the door open for me and I walked out. "I've been asked to accompany you to the HeadMasters office, you don't mind do you? He was a bit busy this morning." He asked smiling and trying to ease the awkwardness of it all. I didn't say anything but my mind was ruining, why does the headmaster want to see me!? What could I have done this time? Could it be that someone has found out about my uncle. Well all these thoughts where going through my head, the boy had been trying to talk to me. "Kate? Are you ok?" He asked looking down at me I looked up and started studding his face, handsome, tall, sandy blond hair, amazing smile that he hadn't stop wearing and .... Red eyes. I realised I had steered at him for far too long, "You're a border student aren't you." I said changing the topic and looking at the ground, "Sure am." He smiled we walked in silence for the rest of the way. And once we got to the Headmasters office the boy opened the door and held it for me. I walked into the office, alittle to sheepish. "Kate! My dear! How have you been? Keeping out of trouble I hope?" The Headmaster jumped out from behind his chair speaking fast and very bubble, I took two steps back pure shock on my face, the boy went to the other end of the room and started looking for a book to read. "Sit, sit." The headmaster smiled brightly, I looked around a little and then sat on the chair in front of his desk. "Kate how are you going?" He asked, I looked at him and quietly said "Fine, thank you." I was so afraid what had I done this time. "Kate I see you've meet Alex. He's my son!" The Headmaster said proudly, " I don't remember agreeing to that!" Alex spoke up, "I said I would be smily and shit around others but I never agreed to being you're son or calling you father." The Headmaster seemed heartbroken and sat on his chair and cried, I looked at Alex what the hell was going on? "Hesdmaster.....if you don't mind may I go back to class now?" I asked looking between Alex and the Headmaster, "Ah I'm sorry Kate but there is something I want to discuss with you first." He said pulling him self back together and becoming more serious,my face went ghost white. "Can you give me the names of the students that have done THAT to you?" He asked pointing at my fat lip. "I-it wasn't students Sir.... I-I ummm it's kind of embarrassing really I feel over on the new tiles in the bathroom at home last night." I giggled pretending it was true, but I could feel Alex watching me he knew it was a lie. But the important part was that The Headmaster believed it. "Oh my! You are very clumsy aren't you! Well will you tell me if anyone did hit you or hurt you?" He asked and I nodded standing up and walking to the door. I walked back alone.

"Headmaster, you know she was lying." Alex said to the headmaster who had become a lot more serious, "I know. But she does it everytime, black eyes, fat lips, cuts and bruises, she goes quite and starts to go pale then tells me what happened and smiles and laughs like it's all true." The headmaster said to Alex getting out of his chair and looking out the window, seeing Kate walk through the school with all the other kids steering and pointing at her and she just kept walking, "I don't know how to get the truth from her, she keeps to her self doesn't have any friends as far as I know."

As always the bullies where on time. Start on me as soon as they saw me. I kept walking as normal. The one grabbed me throwing my books from my hands and pinning me to the ground,everyone who was in the hall circled us, laughing and pointing, the guy punched me in the face and I automatically kicked him and started to hit him, I got him off me and with tears in my eyes and the bully on the ground, someone grabbed me and turned me around to see them it was Alex, "It's ok you're ok!" He pulled me close "PETA THAT'S ENOUGH! Picking on a girl and one that's a lot smaller and younger then you, honestly ! Get hold of your self and go to class all of you!" Alex growled them all, I pulled my skirt back into place and pulled my jacked back over my hands, Alex pulled me back into an embarrasses, I started to cry more "I-I don't know what happened." I cried into Alex's chest,"Did he hurt you?" Alex asked looking down on my his chin on my head, I didn't want to say yes I was so afraid. Alex grabbed my hand and took me to The Headmasters office, he barged right in without knocking or anything "Sir!" He said as I stumbled behind him, "Alex my boy!" The headmaster said bubble and happy to see Alex again until he say the tear stains on Alex's uniform and his arm behind him and me holding his jacket and hiding sheepishly, "What happened?" He asked going again from happy to serious with in a half a minute, "Peta in class 11D attacked her and pinned her to the ground." Alex said holding my hand tighter he seemed mad, I spoke up "But I kicked and hit him two so it's my fault." I said Alex looked at me the back at the headmaster "She hit him after he hit her. See look at this!" Alex said hotly as he pushed me from behind him to in front of him so that the headmaster could see the mark Peta had left. The headmaster called in the school nurse to look at it as it was quite close to my eye. "She should be fine but who ever did this had a lot of force behind them." She started talking to the headmaster and Alex sat with me, he pushed my hair back it was all messy after the fight "Turn around." He said looking at me he had a brush in his hand I turned around and he took my hair out and started brushing it. "You have really long hair, it's so beautiful." He smiled as I sat in silence he finished brushing it and started to braid my hair he kept going and when he finished he smiled at me and said "now you don't look like you've been kicking ass."

I sat in the headmasters office with Alex for the rest of the day. We sat together on the lounge reading books, "No! Stop! If you touch the book one more time I'll kill you!" I giggled for the first time in a long time we laughed all day and I started to feel confutable with him. The Headmaster was in and out all day and he would often linger just to see how I was dealing with it all.

It was quite late when the headmaster came back not think I was still here, "Alex I've cooked dinner....ooh Kate my girl are you still here?" He said the seriousness left as soon as he saw me and he became all bubble again, "I'm sorry sir I didn't realise what the time was." I said standing up to leave, "No dear it's far to late for me to send you home now it's like...." The headmaster said happily looking at his watch, "9 o'clock!" He laughed, "come on come have dinner with us." Alex smiled, "Ok." I smiled and we went to have dinner.

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