The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


3. The Beach Party

I'm tired of being know as the dirty whore. It wasn't my fault. I didn't know what I was doing. I was told that if I didn't so it I would be the reason my uncle would die. They were the words repeated to me every time. For as long as I can remember. And after my uncle would tell me I was a good girl even if I cried and that's all kids want isn't it? To be told they've donee good. I got used to it and didn't cry or scream but I was still afraid and I only cried or screamed if they cut me. Even then after a while I got used to it. I never knew what I was doing I thought I was doing right by my uncle. Until that one time. The man got me pregnant and I lost the baby. My uncle bashed me because the man told him that I said he wasn't aloud to pull out. I never said anything to him I let him do what he wanted. I never thought he wouldn't know what could happen. I'm not a whore. I've been dropped at the bottom end of society. I'm part of the A Team. I thought this to myself I the shower. I got out and liked in the mirror at the old scars from the pocket knives of the past. I wiped the tears away and got dressed.

I walked down to the living room where Alex and the headmaster were waiting for me. "Good morning!!!" Spoke a very bubble headmaster with a Cheshire Cat smile and diluted eyes, I looked at Alex and he shook his head "Good morning sir." I said back some of the words getting cough in my throat, Alex got up to get me a drink, "Thank you." I crocked it was obvious I had been crying but Alex didn't comment he didn't want to upset me anymore then I already was. It had been a week since I was last at my uncles. The bulling hadn't seized at all, I don't know why I thought it would. I mean just because I'm away from him doesn't mean everything's going to become all good. "It's not Friday is it?" I asked looking at Alex who was wearing casual cloths, "Nope." He smiled, "It's Saturday and we see still going to the movies?" I asked standing up "Yes and yes." Alex smiled, "I'll be back." I frowned as I walked off back to my room. I had put on my uniform. I hadn't been sleeping well lately. I sat in my cupboard for a while with my legs up and my head down. I kept seeing a demons face grabbing me and pulling my cloths off. I stood up and it stopped, "Pull yourself together!" I said to myself and I got changed into jeans a t-shirt and a long, baggy, old cardigan. I walked down to the living room. "Done." I said Alex smiled at me,"you might want to bring swimmers to. Rose and Amy want to go to the beach." Alex said looking at me, "i don't have swimmers." I said looking at him "That's ok we can buy you some when we get there." Alex smiled I could tell he didn't want to go but it was Rose's birthday, "Ok I'll just go get my wallet." I turned on my heals and walked back to the room. I grabbed my bag and out four books in the rest of a series I was reading and my wallet. I went back to the bathroom and two clean towels on to protect my book and one to sit on. I walked down to the living room, "Ok all set." I smiled Alex smiled at me and said "Then we'll go?" And I nodded "Oh my little boys going to his first beach party BYYYYYYYYE!!!!! I'll miss you don't get too drunk!!!!" The headmaster called to Alex and Alex's response was, " First beach party you know about and I'm not your little boy!" And with that he closed the door.

We got in the car and started driving. I opened my bag and started reading, Alex smiled at me and turned the radio, "You don't have to turn it down I've gotten good at blocking noises." I said not even liking up from the book. "It's fine." Alex said. We drove the rest of the way in silence, when we got to the beach I slowly put down the book I had finished it, "Can I please just have one minute before we go out?" I asked Alex "Go for it." He smiled he knew what was coming, I took a deep breath and then, "Oh my god I can't believe that happens !! I mean yes it the tenth time I've read it but I still can't believe that happens!" And then I took another breath "Ok I'm all good now." I smiled and I got out of the car. The others where already there waiting for us, "Hi guys!" Rose smiled running up to hug us, "Happy Birthday Rose. Here's your present. Someone for got to rap it last night!" Alex said to Rose and pointing at me I slapped him and pointed back at him "I brought it and he had to rap it that was the deal!" I smiled and Alex grabbed me and started hugging me. "Hahahahahaha thank you guys! I love it!" Rose laughed it was a glass Rose and I had her name engraved into it and a song engraved into the petals and leaves. "How did you know that was my favourite song?!" She asked me, I looked at her "I didn't it's my favourite song in that series it's the only reason why I started liking Misa." I smiled awkwardly. "Ok can we go swimming now?!?" Asked a very bossy Amy, I looked at Alex the followed them down to the beach, I sat down on my towel and opened another book and started reading. Everyone came back from the changing rooms and Amy stopped in front of me, "What cause you're with Alex are you too good to come swimming with us? Don't want to get your hair wet?" She snarled at me, I half looked up "I don't like swimming." I said and then I looked back down as Alex came over Amy kicked sand at me "Whatever whore!" She snapped at me Rose spoke before Alex did " That's it Amy you can leave! If you're going to be like this! If Kate doesn't want to swim then she doesn't have to!" Rose sat beside me and glared at Amy the boys all came over "Whats going on?" Asked Alex I stood up and put my books away, "I was just leaving. I've upset Amy and I'm really sorry, I don't want to cause more problems." Rose grabbed me and said, "It's not your fault Kate! Amy is being a bitch! And I want her to leave not you!" Rose held my arm and glared at Amy "Fine then have fun with your little whore Alex!" Amy said walking away, I hung my head and muttered under my breath, "I'm not a whore..." Alex looked at me, but let Rose deal with it, "hey it's ok she's a bitch anyway, do you want to go swimming Kaye?" She asked me I want to go swimming but I don't want people looking, "Yes..." I said quietly "But I don't want people looking at me..." I said quieter so Alex couldn't hear me, "How about I go buy you a new bikini?" Rose said I guess she didn't hear what I said, I slowly followed her. We went to the shop across the road, Rose handed me a bikini with rainbows on them and another with flowers and one with butterflies, I saw a planning black one, I grabbed it Rose looked at me "That one then?" Rose asked I nodded and got my money out when we got to the counter and put it down for the lady before Rose could pay, "Battle for who's paying hey?" The lady laughed and I smiled back. We went to the toilets next. "Rose I don't want you or anyone to judge me..." I said as I got changed "nobody will" Rose said kindly, "just remember I didn't do this to myself...." I said walking out of the stall. My body was covered in scars she looked horrified but said, "I've seen worse." And smiled at me hugging me. We walked down to the beach and as we got closer I could hear James "Woww! Look at our girls Alex!" And Alex pushed him under the water, I could tell as soon as I got closer and they saw all the scars they were questioning them well James was Alex was looking at them like the clues to his next victim. I ignored that and walked into the water Alex grabbed me and pulled me into a hug.

We spent the whole day at the beach. We are pizza and watch the boys fight over the last piece of pizza and just sit in the warm sun.

We went back to the car. Once we left the beach Alex looked at me, "What?" I asked thinking he was going to ask about the scars, "You're very brave." He said to me taking my head, "No I-I didn't do anything brave." I said looking down at the floor, "You were in a bikini and you looked confident you weren't afraid, not that you had anything to be afraid of." He smiled at me and I smiled back awkwardly.

We arrived home to the headmaster fast asleep on the lounge with his bum in the air, "I guess those eighteen coffees this morning have worn off. You can go for a bath first." Alex smiled at me I smiled back and went to the bathroom.

I ran the bath and got undressed. I sat in the warm water it was so refreshing. Until the little demon came back. This time he was in a suit and was really tall and skinny and he spoke to me in a deep voice that was quite scary. "Kate Harissss!" He hissed at me, I wasn't in the bath anymore I was in a room with a chair and a table I was wearing a black dress of pure silk, it was very soft, "Y-yes" I stuttered, the demon started to move around then he pulled out a pocket knife and started cutting at the air around me he walked in a circle around me then he started saying all the things people would say to me and the room echoed. I started to cry and screamed out "STOP! please I'm already scared please stop!" I sobbed I had managed to get my self out of the tub and I was sitting on the floor of the bathroom with a towel around me.

I got up and changed and went to my room where I stayed for the rest of the day. I sat on the bed crying. Alex was nocking on the door for about an hour waiting for me to open it. Then I heard him sit down against the door, I went and sat against the door as well. "The demon keeps trying to get me. The first time I saw it, it raped me. This time it started trying to cut me but it couldn't so it started repeating all the bad things people say. It was scaring me. I'm sorry." I cried through the door. Alex spoke this time "Kate I'm not going to let it hurt you I'm not going to let anyone hurt you." He spoke like I was important to him I haven't had this from anyone other then Ben. I started to cry. "I'm going to sit here until you'll let me in." Alex said as he did I opened the door and he feel in. He got up and hugged me, I kept crying and he just hugged me tighter.

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