The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


12. The Adoption Agency

It had been a week since Ben's death. I had been spending more time with Rose we were become really close. It's nice to have a friend. We went to movies and shopping and everything together even sometimes double dated a few times. It was wonderful. But today I was staying home with Alex. We were arguing in my room about what movies were better when the headmaster walked in with a woman and a man. The headmaster looked as if he was about to destroy all the happiness in the world. I sat up and looked at him Alex holding my hand, "Kate..." He sighted putting out his arms, Alex stood up shaking his head he knew what was about to happen, "Y-you said they weren't coming yet!" He was shaking and angry I stood up and grabbed his arm. What was happening? "Alex..." I whispered, Alex was shaking with anger, "You're not doing this to her again! I'm the only one who can protect her!" He shouted angrily at the headmaster and the lady and man. My grip on his arm was slipping so I grabbed his shirt, "Calm down!" The man said stepping forward "NO! You've got no idea what she's been through this is like giving her a gun and telling her to pull the trigger!!" Alex snapped at him his shaking was getting worse this only happened when he was....about to attack. "Alex...ALEX!" I shouted at him gripping his arm tightly, tears in my eyes he turned to face me, I got on my tippy toes and put my hands on his face trying to calm him. "All of you leave!" I glared at them the headmaster closed the door. I looked him in the eyes "Wha-" before I could finish he kissed me tears streaming down his face. He fell to the floor in a heap crying, "I can't let them take you! I'm not going to lose you!" He said I pushed him around until I had his arms around me and was sitting in between him. I whipped his tears. Kissing his check I whispered to him for the first time, "I love you." He hugged me tightly and whispered it back.

I had managed to calm him down a lot. He said he would walk me out to the living room so we could all discuss this. In the living room, they all had a cup of coffee and were in pure silence, I walked over to the lounge and sat down with Alex, "This is my negotiation. As I am sixteen I will be staying here with Alex. I'm old enough to live without an adult and as I'm still living with an adult I see no problem in it." I sat next to Alex holding his hand, I wasn't going to an orphanage not at sixteen. "You're not sixteen but you're only Fifteen." Said the woman "And it's the law that you be taken to an orphanage as you have no family." She finished I looked at her and stood up, "Where were you fifteen years ago then bitch?! I've never had a family! My parents are dead and just because he was my uncle doesn't mean he cared for me." Lifting up my shirt I showed her the scare from when he throw me through the wall, "I'm not getting thrown into that shot again!" And I sat back down, "It's an official order and if you resist or either of these two try and stop us they will be put in jail." The man said I stood up and looked at them, "You're messing with a force you can't even hope to imagine! I'll make yours and everyone there's lives living hell until I turn sixteen. Have fun there's still a whole another year until then!" I grabbed Alex's hand and went back to my room.

Everything I throw out of my cupboard Alex would throw back at me, "I don't want to never see you!" He grabbed me pushing me down, "I'll sneak out. Just for you." I said lying on my cloths as Alex kissed my skin. Kissing eachother everywhere. Then the lady walked him Alex sighed and I got up, "Clearly it's a good thing we are taking you. Who knows what he would've done to you!" The lady lectured us, "It's called fucking nocking bitch! And I know what he would've done and I would have loved it!" I snarled back at her, "Well Hurry up we are leaving soon." She snapped closing the door. Alex smirked looking down at me. He kissed my noes and then another interruption this time it was the headmaster, I turned around and started throwing things in my bag, "I can't believe you, Alex!" The headmaster started, "My office now!" He grumbled pointing towards his office. I finished packing about five minutes after they left and went and sat at the headmasters office door.

"What were you think? Were you even thinking?!?" The headmaster stormed about his office, "I didn't do anything! We got carried away!" Alex argued back, "Oh just got 'carried away' well that's all fine and dandy until you get her pregnant! Would you do that to her? Let her conceive a vampire baby? Would SHE want that? Have you even thought this through? She only fifteen and your eighteen! She'll do anything you ask of her you know that don't take advantage of her!" The headmaster was enraged, "DONT YOU DEAR THINK I HAVENT GIVE THIS A THOUGHT! Katie means the world to me and I would die for her! I don't want her to bear my child but that's her choice if she does! She knows what I am and she knows that there are always consequences to her actions as do I! So don't even for a minute think I haven't thought of what my next more will be!" Alex was so anger I could feel his anger in the air. Right then the office door flew open and Alex walked out, I jumped up and he looked at me, "Katie..." He said heart aching, did I look stressed out by what I had just heard? "Alex...I'm sorry I didn't mean to ears drop if just wanted to say... Goodbye to you." I stuttered a little far from myself. Alex pulled me into an embarrass and didn't let go.

As I sat in the car I waved to him telling myself to be strong for his sake. No more tears. You have to prove you can do this!

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