The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


2. Safe and Sound

It was dark. Pitch black everywhere. I could hear my uncle's voice and his girls's voices to. They were yelling at me. Why was I surprised but there comments? "Stupid brat!", "Useless!", "Ugly whore!". And then I woke up, to find myself in a room that wasn't mine. I got up and looked around. There was a nock at the door, "Kate? Are you awake?" Alex asked through the door, "Y-yes." I responded, he walked in and smiled you fell asleep last night after dinner so the Headmaster said to leave you sleep and bring you up here." He smiled at me and handed me a fresh new uniform. "Thank-you" I said quietly and he left the room. I got changed and went straight down to the school courtyard.waiting for the bell to ring.

I went through the whole day with out seeing Alex once. After school it was raining and I had to walk home. I walked past the corner shop and stopped in to talk to Ben the old man who runs he store. "Katie! My little angle! How are you this afternoon?" He asked in his normal cheerful voice and his lovely British accent. "Im good Ben. How have you been?" I asked smiling and fiddling around with the toys on the front desk, "Don't lie to me missy!" Ben said looking at me, "Come over here and give old Benny a hug and tell me what's that asshole done this time." I went over and hugged Ben, I remembered when I was little I used to run away and go to Ben's store and he would sit me on the front desk, give me a chocolate and tend to all my wounds, he's just like a grandfather to me. This time he just hugged me really tight, and told me it's going to be alright. We were talking about random stuff and he gave me a chocolate, as I went to leave I could see boys from school standing under the sheltering in front of the store. I walked out pretending like they weren't there. I walked about twenty meters when I could hear the boys again, they were being complete morons, "Hey slut! Come back I'll pay you!" Said one of the boy and then another spoke up "Oh for fuck sake! Leave her alone you feral assholes!" I didn't turn around but I did slow my pass down, "This ya little girlfriend is it?" Said the first boy I just realised who it was it was Peta they guy who had hit me yesterday, "As a matter of fact she is." Said the second boy, I turned around to see Peta and all his friends and Alex standing behind them, he walked past them and stood with me, as he did this the other boys left, it was still raining a lot, "Are you ok?" Alex asked putting his arms around my waste. I nodded, "Alex buddy!? Hey is she ok?" Said a guy walking towards us with a group of other people, Alex smiled at me then turned to his friend, "Yes James she's fine." Alex didn't take his arms off of me, I went to go and he grabbed my hand, I looked up at him, "Don't go." He said shaking his head,"But my uncle..." I started, "Do you really want to go back? We are going to watch a movie come with us!" Alex seemed like he knew what was awaiting me at home but to avoid any other questions I went with them.

"Kate is it? My name is Rose!" Said the cheerful young girl sitting in the back of the car with me. I smiled she didn't look like a Rose and as I thought that the words came out of my mouth, she smiled and said, "I know my dad named me after my mum I was meant to be Maya." She smiled happily like it didn't even hurt her, I look forward again, "Oh James stop being rude!" Rose spoke up to the guy beside me, "Oh it's ok really I don't mind!" I said quickly I wasn't apart of their group they didn't have to be nice to me. "James Terry." He said and then he smiled and said, "I'm Rose's man" then he winked at her and she slapped him, "Stop that you're making her feel awkward!" Rose teased him, and then the boy in the front with Alex turned around and put out his hand and I shock it, "I'm Dean." He said and then for some reason I said "I'm Kate.

"Why have we going back to the school?" I asked as we walked towards the school, "Headmaster has the best theatre in the world. And a great selection of old and new movies!" Said Rose, she had really long black hair was tall and very pretty she also had red eyes. James was about the same height as Alex, he had Black hair and red eyes, in fact all of Alex's friends had red eyes and they were all borders ....

"We're back!" Alex called through the apartment area the school had for the Headmaster. Alex grabbed me, "Guys you know where to go. You can also put that movie on." Alex said I looked over at him, "We're going to make popcorn!" As Alex's friends all went down the hall way one of the other girls glared at me as Alex pulled me towards him. I hung my head, I felt like I was intruding and that girl obviously likes him his he using me to make her jealous? "What's wrong?" Alex asked me as we sat in the kitchen waiting for the popcorn, I didn't say anything at first, "Why did you want me to come?" I asked, I looked up at him and he came closer I half took a step back and he stopped, "Because you seem like you need someone right now. You looked really depressed today. And I just thought it would be nice to help you meet some new people." Alex wasn't getting mad but I felt like crying, "I feel like I'm intruding and ... That girl she likes you and I-I..." I pulled my hands over my face I can't start crying, "Katie your not intruding I asked you to come. And don't worry about Amy she only likes me because you're with me yesterday she was into James." Alex put his arms around me and kissed the top of my head.

"What's the movie?" I asked as I put the popcorn on the able and Alex pulled me down onto his lap."StarWars!" Alex whispered in my ear, I couldn't hold back the smile and everyone started to laugh, "You said that would be her reaction!" They laughed. We watched all 6 of the original episodes and then the 3 newer ones. "I still prefer the original 3 they are much better then the others!" Alex said I looked at him "You're just saying that because I told you that yesterday ! You like the ones Disney did!" I teased him, "Well I think it's all stupid! Honestly you believe that shit about the force and Jedi?" Amy grumped at us all, "The Force is real. Gravity and motion is a force we just haven't been able to control the force with our minds yet. And the fact about Jedi is they are just as real as vampires and werewolves they become real when we imagine that they are write story's or detect movies about them that's when they become real." Alex said to her I looked at him and smiled. "Whatever!" She snapped and with that she left.

"I've got to go home now." I said to Alex it was late and I felt weird still, "Kate is to late. Don't go stay the night." Alex said to me as I got up, I shook my head, "I've got work in the morning." I said I want lying I did have to do things for my uncle but I wasn't being paid. "Ok I'll drive you then." Alex said getting up, "No! It's fine I'll walk." I said turning towards the door, "Thank you for tonight. Nice to meet you all." And with that I left the room. It wasn't raining now I walked out onto the street I had a bit of a walk ahead. As I walked a noticed how used I was to cars slowing down as the drove past me. When I got home the lights where on and I could hear people talking. I bravely walked in. As soon as I closed the door my uncle grabbed me by the hair and started to scream at me, "WHERE HAVE YA BEEN YA DIRTY WHORE!!" he through me against the wall and split my head "GET IN THERE! Terry's waiting!" He pushed me into a room with a lot older man in it. My uncle closed the door and locked it from the outside. The man got up he was fat and old and smelt like weed. He started to undress me and I started to cry. "P-please don't" I sobbed to him. I started to scream and cry loud. It was the first time I had screamed out for help when this happened. When he left I laid on the bed holding myself and cried for an hour or so. Everyone had gone to bed by about 2 am. I quickly got up and dressed, tears still streaming down my face, I opened the window and jumped out, I ran down the street bear foot and didn't stop running until I got to the school. I could see a light on in the Headmasters office I ran into the school and up to the Headmasters office. I nocked on the door and opened it, "Kate?" Said the Headmaster, there was another man in the office to as soon as I saw him I feel to the ground and burst into tears, "Kate!" He said as both of them rushed over to me. "Quick go get the nurse!" The Headmaster said to the other man and he jumped up and raced of down the hall. I couldn't stop crying the headmaster managed to get me up and sit down on the chair, the nurse came in and say me and went into a panic, "What happened?!" She said she grabbed my hand and started cleaning off the blood, the she started to clean the blood off my face when she pulled my hair back and saw the cut she gave the Headmaster a terrified look, she started to clean it, the headmaster looked at me then at his friend "Do you want me to wake Alex?" His friend asked, "No, he'll be here soon there's no need to wake him." The headmaster answered, "Kate what happened? Who did this?" The Headmaster asked me leaning over me, I shook my head "If I tell you he's just going to do it again." I cried, the door burst open and a shirtless, stressed out Alex walk in, "Katie..." I gasped I started to cry more he was the one person I wanted to see but I was so afraid still. He put his arms around me. "Come on let's leave them." Said the Headmaster.

"Alex...I'm so sorry I didn't know where else to go and I was to afraid to stay there." I cried into Alex's shoulder, "Katie what did he do to you when you got home?" Alex asked me it letting go of me at all or even losing his grip. "He grabbed my hair and through me into the wall and called me a whore. The-then h-he locked me... In the r-oo-m.." I started crying and finding it hard to breath, "sssssh it's ok!hey nobody can hurt you here." Alex said to me softly "What happened in the room?" He asked calm and soft, "There was a man in there, he... He.....raped me. I screamed for help but nobody helped me I even asked him to stop and not to do it." I balled as I told Alex what had happened. He just hugged me tightly. "Come with me. I'll take you up to a room and you can stay up there." Alex said grabbing my hand. He took me to the room and when he opened the door I turned on my heals "Please don't leave me..." I said Alex smiled at me and walked in.

I woke up and Alex was gone. He left me. I looked at me watch it was lunch time. Maybe he already woke up. I walked down to the living room, Alex was sitting there with the headmaster and the man from last night, Alex looked really mad and so did the other two, "I'm sorry... I'll go." I said feeling the tension , "No dear don't go we were just having a talk with Alex and how he needs to think things over before he acts and not to do anything till he calms down." Said the Headmaster a very obvious attack at Alex, I went and sat next to Alex. He grabbed my hand. "Are you going to tell her or do I have to?" Said the man from last night, "Just get off my case for fuck sake! Come on Kate." Alex snapped at them as he got up and followed him.

"Why are we on the roof?" I asked Alex he smiled at me, "It's quiet up here." He looked over the edge then turned back to me, "Kate, last night I got really upset when you told me what happened. You're important to me and someone hurt you and I got a little carrier away." He looked at me pure sorrow in his eyes, "I went to your uncles house last night." He said looking down at me going pale, "The man who hurt you was there still, I killed him without a resisting I killed him in his sleep I watched his blood spill every where I could help it he deserved to die! HE WAS FILTH!. If you hate me I understand but I could handle the fact that happened to you." He hung his head ashamed of what he had done I walked closer to him and put my arms around him. Holding him tightly as tight as he held me last night. We stayed on the roof for ages hugging in silence.

Alex's phone started to ring. He didn't answer it the first time, but by the time it had rung for the sixth time he answered it, "Hello?" He said not letting go of me, "With Kate." He said, "We are at the place we are at." Then he hung up the phone, and looked at me, "I think the headmaster is missing you." He smiled at me and we went back down to the apartment.

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