The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


16. Panic Through the Night

I sat at the kitchen table with Jane and Jackson (the people who run the orphanage) they wanted to know why I ran away to be with a Vampire. "Kate please explain to us, did he use a mind trick on you? Why would you want to be with a Vampire they're dangerous creatures." Jackson said looking as if any of I was about to say yes, "No. Alex never did that. I want to be with him because we love each other. He's not like other Vampires, Alex is a prince. He's from the Ambrosia family line. The pure blood Vampires that believed in living in peace with humans. Why can't you understand that? We love each other and we want to be together! You can't take him away from me! He's dying not being with me! He spends all day locked away not eat not sleeping! Don't do this! He's not a bad Vampire!" I argued with them. This wasn't part of the plan but the plan wouldn't have worked. I got up and walked out into the street.

It was cold. Half snowing and half raining. I walked down the street. There wasn't many people out. I didn't have a jumper and the rain/snow was getting heavier. I walked past a man, I didn't take much notice of him till he taped my shoulder. I turned to look at him. A shaggy and messy looking man stood in front of me, half grey hair and a lifeless looking face. I recognised him straight away, "Ya one of Frankie's girls ain't ya?! Ya the one that killed him!" He smelt of weed and alcohol, I took a step back, he knew my uncle. My heart started to race as the man pushed me down the alleyway, he pushed me to the ground and stood over me, he smiled and laughter wildly. I started to scream out for help. "None will hear your screams!" The man shouted over me kicking me, he sat on my legs and put his hand down my shorts. "HELP ME!!!! HELP ME SOMEONE PLEASE HEEELP ME!!!!!!! " I screamed tears streaming down my face. Then out of nowhere the man was kicked off of me a woman grabbed me and help me out of the ally and on to the street then two men ran down the ally and started helping the man who had kicked him off of me. I started to cry and couldn't stop shaking. The lady pulled me into a hug and started stroking my hair. "It's ok you're safe now!" She said kindly, I hadn't see her before she was dressed proper and look strong but kind. The three men came out of the ally, "Did you call the police?" Asked the first man, the lady nodded, he then bent down in front of me, "Are you ok?" He asked holding my hand, I wiped my eyes and shock my head, "It's ok the police will be here soon and you can tell them what happened." He said kindly, I was so afraid. Why has this happen again? I thought everything and anything from my life with my uncle was gone.

Once the police arrived the arrested the rapist and took him to the station. One officer stayed behind to talk to me. I didn't want to talk but. "Do you know who that man was?" He asked and I couldn't answer I tried to but I just couldn't, "Do you know why he would do that?" He continued asking. I started to cry I couldn't handle this, the officer put his arms around me, "Why were you out on the streets?" He asked this time I answered "because I had a fight with Jane and Jackson." I said quietly "You're from the orphanage?" He asked I nodded, "Come on I'll take you back and talk to them." He said, "No! I don't want to go back to them! I want to go back to Alex's!" I said feeling like a child. "I need to take you back to them." He said sounding desperate, I rubbed my face, "They don't know what they are doing! Alex is the only one who can protect me from the Demon!" I can't believe i said that now he's going to tell Jane and Jackson, everyone was looking at me like I was mental.

The officer managed to get me into his car and back to the orphanage. I stood on the marble steps, Jane hugged me, "What happened?!?" She asked looking between me and the police officer, I pushed past her and walked to my room. One of the kids was in my room, "What are you doing in here you little shit! Get out!" I growled him, he was going through all my things and had found the razor blades. He had them on the floor, "What are these?" He asked I grabbed his shirt and pushed him out of my room locking the door. I took a deep breath. Not again! The demon was awakening! "Fucking hell!" I screamed. I need to be with Alex! I opened my door slamming it closed again I ran for the back door.

Pulling my jacket on I jumped over the rock fence and ran down the back street. The academy was a bit away, but I had to get there. I started to run faster. The cold snowy rain fell on my face and hands freezing them. But I pushed on running faster and faster. Tears stream down my face filled with fear, heart racing fast. Then I got to the academy gates. I stood out the front for a moment smiling. Alex wasn't too far away now. I ran through the gates. Down the halls. Past the court yard and to the boys dorms. I opened the doors and walked up to Alex's room. Pushing hard on the door I walked in. "Alex?" I asked the room was empty, I looked everywhere in the boys dorms for him. But he wasn't there. I went up to the room. It was covered in snow. Alex was standing at the edge looking out over the school.

"Kate." He said turning to look at me as I walked closer, I ran and hugged him. He held me tight. "You're freezing." He said looking down and me, pale skin and blue lips. "What happened to make you not follow the plan?" He asked not letting go of me, "I was afraid." I said putting my head on his chest listening to his heart beat. He's alive and he's ok. "Who was it that hurt you?" He asked I didn't answer, how did he know? "I heard you scream but the headmaster had locked me in the room and I couldn't get out. I failed you!" He said putting his hand on my head and holding me tightly. "You haven't failed! I'm not dead! You're not dead! We are alive and we are together! You will never fail me! Because I love you and you love me!" I said to him getting on my tippy toes and kissing him, even in the cold he's lips were worm, I could feel the demon retreating.

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