The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


9. Hold on Tight

I stated hiding myself away. Locking my bedroom door and hiding under my bed. I'm not important. I can't keep him happy. He won't ever love me I mean he's a vampire. They live for ever. I'm just pastime he's probably had millions of girls. Better off not trying to be happy. Or to have friends. Or to want or be loved. I always lose. Nobody wants me. My parents didn't want me. My uncle. Alex. Rose.

Lying on my floor I let the demon take hold. This time he was blurrier and far away. But he's voice was clear in the black night. "Go on you know what you want to do! Do it they won't notice." He said standing tall and proud. I opened my eyes. Maybe he was right. I looked around the room. There wasn't a lot in here. I got up and walked to the cupboard. I had kept some razed blades in there. Sitting back down, I whispered "I'm sorry I've never been good enough." Tears streaming down my face I took the blade to my arm. The blade was cold but as soon as the blade pearced my skin, the blade felt red hot and like it had been rolled in salt. Used to this feeling I pushed it in further and pulled it down. The door split in two and I headed someone screaming out for help. The blood was worm. "Katie!!" Alex screamed at me grabbing the blade from my arm, "Let me go! I don't want to be here anymore! Let me die!" I cried as he pulled me into his arms. His heart was racing. My arm ached. The headmaster came in with the nurse she started trying to deal with the bleeding. "Don't! I don't want to live let me bleed out! I'm not important stop pretending I am!" I cried pushing everyone away. My heads tarted to hurt. Alex looked at me, then at the others, he gave the headmaster a look that said "I need to deal with this alone." And they left.

Alex moved me to the bed. He started to wipe the blood away. "Why do think you're not important?" He asked I didn't answer and first, "Because nobody wants me." I said letting him wipe the blood as it was starting to sting now. "I want you." He said I didn't look at him "My parents didn't. Ben didn't. My uncle didn't. How am I supposed to believe you do?" I asked looking down at my blood stained arm. Alex put his fingers under my chin to lift it up and said leaning in closely, "Because I love you." And he kissed me.

I kissed him back.

I could hear the demon screaming and cursing Alex's name. I was right as long as I'm with Alex, the demon can't touch me. The moment I start to feel alone and unwanted he takes hold and wins. Until Alex holds me and tells me he loves me.

It's always been Alex. He's always been there to protect me. To have my back. To fight for me. I'm weak now but I'll become strong. For him.

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