The Battle for Forbbiden Love

Kate is a normal fifteen year old girl. Well so she looks. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her Uncle. Kate goes to Grey Stone Academy. One fateful day Kate meets Alex the Headmaster of Grey Stone Academy's adopted son. And through their intertwined fates the story begins.


14. A Night to Remember

Standing on the cold marble steps Alex smiled at me sweet and kind the same way as the first time we meet but with more memorise behind his eyes. I ran my hand through his messy blond hair smiling back, he pulled me close and kissed my neck. For a moment my heart stopped and I thought maybe but then he stood back, the orphanage doors opened and the lady who run the orphanage was standing there. She looked relieved to see me standing there. But as soon as she laid eyes on Alex, I was absolutely sure she knew his secret. "KATE GET AWAY FROM THAT BOY RIGHT THIS INSTANCE!" She rushed down the stairs and grabbed me. Panic filled me I started to struggle up the stairs, "Alex! Don't! Let me go! Alex!!" I called out but Alex with hate filled eyes turned and walked away.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!?!?" I screamed at her pushing her off of me as she closed and lock the big double timber doors. "Jane? What's the problem?" A mans voice called from upstairs. A dorky looking man walked down the stairs and looked at me. "Is this her?" He asked the woman apparently named Jane. "Yes. And I'm not sure if she was aware but she was just out the front with a vampire and he had his lips on her neck!" Jane said turning to me, "Of course i know you moron he's my boyfriend! And he was kissing my neck! He won't turn me into a vampire because he doesn't want me to turn to a level E! He's not like the vampires you know!" I shouted at her my body was cold and wet from being out side. Both Jane and the man looked at me shock horror on their faces. I walked up stairs to my room shaking my head.

I laid down on the bed it felt great laying down. But the bed was smaller then normal. I fell asleep.

"Fuck off! I hate you all! Just let me go back to Alex!" I shouted at the person nocking at my door. Then I heard a child cry and run away. Arrrrrgh. Getting up I got dressed and went down stairs. Walking past the kitchen Jane stopped me, "Kate aren't you going to have something to eat? What's on your face?" She said looking at my makeup, "I'm not hungry." I said going to leave, "Where are you going?" She asked walking out to the hall, "The place I'm going." I said closing the door. I had shorts and a t-shirt on my bag and some makeup, I had to cover my neck. Alex must of slipped last night and his fang went in. I walked to the air train station. I got on the train and went back to the academy.

I walked into the school. The border students all knew I was coming apart from Alex. They told me he was in the boys dorms. It was the first time he'd been back in there since we meet. I opened the boys dorm main door and walked up the grand marble stairs. Alex's had a room all by him self at the end of the hall. I walked down to the giant double doors and pushed on them. The doors didn't more one bit. "Alex?" I said through the doors, I tried pushing harder this time and it worked. I walked in side carefully. The room was dark there was one window that was half open. The walls were lied with bookshelves. A black and red velvet losing was in the middle of the room. As I moved closer I could see Alex sitting on the floor leaning against the lounge. He didn't realise I was here. "Alex...?" I said softly and he slightly moved, I walked around the lounge and sat beside him. "Are you real?" He asked looking down at me, I smiled and nodded, "I thought I had lost you." He cried pulling me into his arms and kissing me. I sat on his lap playing with his extremely messy hair. He hadn't slept in a while and it was starting to show. I stood up and grabbed his hand. I lead him to the bathroom and started helping him clean up. His hair was uneven so I sat him down and started trimming it, "You've got to look like the pure blood prince you are." I smiled kissing him as he finished cleaning up. He turned around and put his hand on my neck, I half moved away, he knew what he had done, he wiped away the make up and whispered "I'm so sorry, Katie." He had punished himself for it I look at his neck "I didn't feel anything." I said smiling at him.

After Alex was all cleaned up we sat on his king bed together cuddling and kissing. "I love you" I whispered to him as we undressed each other, "I love you to." He whispered back pulling me closer.

Alex corset my neck. Smiling at me. I smiled back. Rapt in blackest it was the first time I had sex that was filled with compassion and love. Alex lent over and kissed me. "You weren't afraid?" He asked pulling me closer under the sheets. I shook my head, and smiled "a little." I giggled as he pulled me into an embarrass.

We got up and dressed. Alex stopped me and retied my hair for me. Kissing my neck again, his time I felt the fangs, my heart completely stopped and he stood up. His face said it all. He was discussed with himself so I kissed him. "Don't think like that!" I said and he kissed me back

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