Bad boy

Hey it's me Kassy's sister Kassy has been quit busy so she's been letting me use her account an though I'm only 11 my class has a very dirty mind and I've been working on this one for a while now but I didn't want to post it because I thought I was too young to be writhing about this type of stuff but oh well who cares it's a good story. Warning sex scienes


3. skate park

Kassy's POV

"Hey Emma, Hey phoebe" I said waving at them

"Hey" they said waving back at me

"Can I borrow your longboard for a second Emma I want to try something" I asked

"Ye-" she started

"Here use mine" I heard a voice from behind me I turn around to see louis handing me his longboard

"Thanks" I said grabbing his longboard it had the pattern of a surfboard

"So what are you going to try" he asked

"Cloud 9" I replied

"But that's a snowboarding trick" stated Phoebe

"So" said me and Louis at the same time

"Wait Louis" I asked

"Yes" he replied

"Are you stalking me" I asked

"Maybe" he said looking down at his feet

"Ooooooooooooooo" I was able to hear Emma and Phoebe say in the background

"Not in that kinda way eww no all I did was follow her to the skate park" he claimed as we bursted out laughing

"K now try the cloud 9" demanded emma

"Fine" I sighed jumping onto the ramp I leaned forward and went one... Two... Three I counted three times I went in the air the fourth i did the cloud 9

"See" me and Louis sassed and snapped our fingers

"There's the sass masters I know and love" said the girls teasing us

"So what are we all doing today" asked Louis putting his arms over all our shoulders

"Well it looks like he's not going anywhere" I said walking ahead and pointing at him

"How about the mall" suggested Emma

"Ya ya ya" yelled Louis as we ran to the mall

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