Bad boy

Hey it's me Kassy's sister Kassy has been quit busy so she's been letting me use her account an though I'm only 11 my class has a very dirty mind and I've been working on this one for a while now but I didn't want to post it because I thought I was too young to be writhing about this type of stuff but oh well who cares it's a good story. Warning sex scienes


2. seeing mom and meeting the boy

Kassy's POV

I woke up to a bright light cursing myself for forgetting to close my curtain. I got up to close it and as I looked up I saw that boy jumping around using a hair brush as a microphone singing to "we're not gonna take it" by twisted sister (idk) I took my sower grabbed a pair of blue jean shorts, a loose red crop top that said skate with a black tank top under neath, red and black supeas, and a red SnapBack that said LA across it. I looked at my phone and saw a text from my best friend Emma it said 'meet me in the skate park' I put my phone back in my pocket ran down stairs and grabbed my ripstik (two wheel skateboard) and walked over to the neighbors to bring my mom lunch I rang the door bell and heard someone running to it the door opened and I saw the boy I always see in the window

"Hey" he said opening the door looking into my eyes now I remember he's louis from one direction

"Hey, Louis" I said

"What's your name" he asked

"I'm Kassy is my mom here" I asked

"Ya one sec" he said going into the house. A couple seconds later I saw my mom at the door

"Hey mom I brought you lunch" I said giving it to her

"Thanks" she said grabbing it

"So how is it so far" I asked

"Really good there like teddybears" she said smiling nicely

"Well, Emma wants me to meet her at the skate park so I should go" I said

"Ok love you" she said hugging me

"Love you to" I said pulling away

Louis POV

I wasn't easdroping. Ok maybe a little I was listening to there conversation she's going to the skate park I may as well make a small appearance

Kassy's moms POV

As soon as Kassy left I saw Louis run out the door with his longboard and I love the boys to death but if he hurts my daughter then he's in big trouble expeasually after her last boy she dated she never told me what happened but she came home with scars and cuts crying like crazy I don't even know if they broke up or not I just never saw him after that other then on the streets and at the store.

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