More Than Just a Goofy Friend (A Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)

Marissa Murphy is just your average teenage girl. A junior in high school that is on the swim team and track team. Yet maintaining honor roll grades and a social life. All while working a part time job. Normal right? Not when four of her best friends are the opening act for the worlds biggest boyband.

Oh, and she is unconditionally in love with the lead singer of the band.

Luke doesn't even know it yet, but what will happen when her emotions towards him become too much for her to handle? What would happen to her friendship with the Aussie's if the fans find out who she is? How will she tell the boy with millions of girls screaming his name that you love him?


1. Chapter One

As I sit in class I listen to my teacher drone on about something that I will never need to know. I wished that the day would speed up. I wanted to be on the plane already, yet here I sat, bored out of my mind. You see I was going to be flying out to England for the weekend to see some of my best friends. They were currently on a world tour as the opening act for One Direction and they were flying me out to see them. I was excited to say the least. I had not seen them in more than a month and I missed those goof balls. One of my best friends, Clara, would be going with us as well. She was sadlly arriving Friday Night, instead of Friday morning like me. I was really surprised my mom was letting me go. She was very anal about my school work and keeping my grades up to get into a good college. Even though I would only miss just over a day of classes it was still a lot for me. Not to mention I was missing review for finals. "What are you doing after school tomorrow?" I turned my head to Megan, the teacher continued his lesson as she whispered. "Me and Kali are going to the movies at like six if you want to come, and yes there will be cute boys!" "I can't. I'm leaving for England at eleven, remember?" "Oh... Oh yeah. Why are you going to England again?" I rolled my eyes. "I have friends out there and we're going to a concert, remember?" I whispered. "Who do you know from Eng-" "Miss Murphy, Miss Powers, is there something you would like to share with the class? It must be important if you need to discuss it during my lesson." "Nothing Sir, just weekend plans is all." I answered quickly with a small smile. "Leave it for the end of the class, I will give everyone a few minutes to talk. Now does anyone compost at home?" He was a pretty cool teacher, but his lessons were dry. Mostly because it was science and that was just boring, I gave megan a sideways glance while rolling my eyes, she giggle but turned her head to the front to pay attention to the teacher, me doing the same. * "Alright everyone, take a homework packet and pass it around. This will be due Monday morning." The class gave a collective groan. " Oh come on guys, it's multiple choice and it's only fifty questions!" We all groaned again but took a heafty packet anyways. "Now that we are done for the day, let's all talk about our weekend plans. Any volunteers?" The class reamined silent. "Miss Murphy, Miss Powers, would you like to share your weekend plans? You seemed alright with talking about it in the middle of my lesson." "Well, I was planning on hanging out with friends and sleeping, but Marissa here is going to England for the weekend." "Oh really? Wow, what's in England?" He seemed intrigued, although I guess not many people take weekend trips across the Atlantic ocean in the middle of a random school month. "I have some friends out there..." I didn't really like talking about it, nobody was really supposed to know. At my request, for my protection. Now that they are opening for One Direction their fans have become quite aggressive and I see what they have done to girls that are in pictures with any of them. "Fascinating! Anybody think that they can top that?" I sighed in relief, glad that I was done talking about it. "Hunting!" Someone yelled out, typical answer from the kids in this town. Not long after the bell rang and Megan and I made our way to my locker. I grabbed our math binders and and we went downstairs to our geometry class. As we walked into the room and took our seats Megan decided to bring up the movies again. "I still think that we should all go to the movies," She said as she sat down in her seat. "I am not canceling my trip to England for a two hour movie that I can see on DVD in a month. I said as I plopped into my seat and looking up at the board. Megan seat was behind me, so she poked me in the back with her pencil. I rolled my eyes and turned to her. "No, I mean like after you get back, sometime next week. Wait when do you get back?" "I am supposed to land at 5:00 Monday morning." "And you're coming to school Monday? I give you props, I would probably be dead." I probably will be too, but that doesn't mean it was not worth it to see my boys again. "It's worth it," I said then turned to the front again as the teacher called the class to attention. After learning how to do quadratic equations for almost an hour and a half, the class was over. The bell rang for advisement, a forty minute homeroom that was in the middle of the day. I went upstairs to my locker and put away all my things, only grabbing my folder, my agenda and a pen before making my way Mr. Carrillo's room for check in. "Mr. Carrillo can I go to all my teachers for tomorrow?" "Yeah, what's going on tomorrow?" He asked. After explaining to him where I was going in the briefest way possible, I began to walk towards the hallway. "Bye!" I called out behind me as I was walking out I couldn't help but hear the nasally voice of Kristina, the bitch of the school and also the slut of it. "I bet she isn't even going to England, she doesn't even have friends." I stopped walking and turned around. She was smirking up at me from her seat, next to one of her bimbos, as I like to call them. I rolled my eyes and pulled out my plane ticket from my purse and fanned the air lightly with it. My smirk stretched across my face as her fell into a look of disbelief as I walked out of the room. My smile grew larger as I heard the laughs emitting from the other students in the room. It was nice to finally put that bitch in her place. * I made my way to all my classes, one by one. Each time I breifly ecplained why I was missing school. Some teachers asked about it more than others while some of them just exchanged papers with me. I made my way to my last teacher I had about fifteen minutes before I had to leave. I made my way to my US History teachers room and braced myself for the very talkative man. He had good intentions but he got very into his job. He was very passionate about every bit of history that he explained. I admired that, but that doesn't mean I like hearing about every piece of history ever. "Hello Miss Murphy, you're a little early for class don't you think so?" I smiled and made my way to his desk, passing all of the students eating, talking and doing last minute homework. "A little," I said and almost tripped over a stray textbook on the floor. Finally I made it to his desk and he smiled at me. "What can I do for you?" "Well, I am leaving school in about fifteen minutes so I was wondering what I am missing in class." "Skipping out on my class I see," He laughed. "Well you will miss a quiz, it's super easy but will take about twenty, twenty five minutes. Can you drop by tomorrow in advisement?" He asked. "Not really, I won't be here tomorrow either. I can do it Monday though." "Alright, that will have to do. I guess we all deserve a long weekend at some point. Promise me that you will take advantage of it and sleep. I cannot tell you how many students that I see do bad in class from lack of sleep." "Yeah well I don't know about that considering I will be getting back two hours before school Monday morning." "Oh really?" He perked up in his seat, eyes bright. "Where exactly are you going?" "England, I am going for the weekend to see some friends" I said with a chuckle he then jumped into a moslty one sided converation with a bunch of facts about the beauty of technology and how much transportation has evolved. I listened with a false look of interest on my face. It didn't hurt to humor the old man. By the time I left his room I had about five minutes to gather everything from my locker, change and go to the office to sign out. Oh dear. I ran to my locker and grabbed my backpack and all the note packets and different papers I would need out of my binders and was shoved them into my folder. Then I ran to the bathroom and changed out of my jeans and blouse and into a sweats. I put my long brown hair into a side braid and gave myself a once over in the mirror. Not the best I have ever looked but who cares. I quickly folded my cloths and put them in my bag and made my way back to my locker. I had just started to put my combination in when two of my friends came up next to me. "I can't believe you are leaving us all alone in History!" Shawn whined as he leaned against the lockers. "Yeah god knows Foss is going to talk about irrelevant things... Again!" Sam said. "Probably, but hey have fun with the quiz he is giving." I said with a wink as triffled through my locker in search of my psychology notebook. I soon found it and stood up, shutting my locker. They both groaned and began walking behind me as I made my way down to the office. "Are you serious? He never told us about it," She huffed. "He never does! I hate it when he does shit like that. I mean really he should warn us." Shawn whined. "Well then he wouldnt be Mr. Foss. At least you guys are not going to be zombies when you take it." "True, what time do you get back?" He asked. "5:00 AM." I groaned. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned back to Shawn and he gave me a sympathetic look while saying "I'll pray for you..." "Hah thanks! Anyways guys I really have to go, have fun in US, see you later." "Great joke, see ya!" They waved and walked down the hall, walking into one of the classrooms. I checked out in the office and made my way outside to my moms idling car, hopped in and we were off to the airport. I was so happy to finally be on my way to see my five favorite people!
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