More Than Just a Goofy Friend (A Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)

Marissa Murphy is just your average teenage girl. A junior in high school that is on the swim team and track team. Yet maintaining honor roll grades and a social life. All while working a part time job. Normal right? Not when four of her best friends are the opening act for the worlds biggest boyband.

Oh, and she is unconditionally in love with the lead singer of the band.

Luke doesn't even know it yet, but what will happen when her emotions towards him become too much for her to handle? What would happen to her friendship with the Aussie's if the fans find out who she is? How will she tell the boy with millions of girls screaming his name that you love him?


4. Chapter Four

"Have you thought of how you're going to surprise them?" Cal asked as we sat in the backseat of an expensive looking black SUV that was making it's way to the tour bus. 

"Well I have been thinking about it, but all the ways I thought of were either too cheesy or they sucked. I can always just sleep in the extra bunk for a little bit and then just pop up out of nowhere." I suck at surprises. 

"Aww is my little Bunny tired?" Calum said and grabbed my face smushing my cheeks with his big hands.  I smacked them away from my face, but I couldn't stop the smile from spreading across my face. 

"Well I was sleeping on the plane until I woke up and had a panic attack," I said, annoyance cutting into my words. Calum frowned and gave me as best a hug as he could with our seat belts in the way. This is why I love Calum, he cares about everyone so much and he will do anything to make someone smile. 

"As soon as we get to the bus you are going to sleep in the bunks, you can take mine so that you can hide." I nodded and smiled, taking off my seat belt and moving to the middle seat and hugging myself into Calum's arms. After a few minutes of silence, Calum nudged my side. His words making me cringe. 

"So when are you going to tell him?" 

"Tell who what?" There was no way that Calum knew about my feelings for Luke. 

"You know very well what I am talking about. I know you love him." I sighed, I was caught.

"I don't think I am going to tell him. He doesn't show any signs that he likes me back and even if he was over Aleisha he has millions of girls willing to be with him." 

"Why would you even think that? So what if all those girls want him, he doesn't want them. Besides, you are not with him everyday, you don't see how happy he gets when he texts you." I shook my head and my voice shook. I didn't want to talk about this anymore. 

"Can we please just stop talking about this and leave me to feel these things quietly? This is why I didn't want to tell you guys, you are probably going to tell Luke and then he won't talk to me anymore. I don't want to lose you guys over something as silly as my feelings." 

"Bu-" Calum started. 

"Calum please!" I pleaded, my voice weak as I begged him. He nodded and pulled me closer into him and kissing the top of my head. 

"How did you know? I only told my family, Clara, and Paul." 

"Well I might have gotten a tip from a certain Puerto Rican, but now that she told me everything is so obvious. Like, I can't believe I didn't realize it sooner. You hide it well, but there is always this look on your face whenever you see him that no amount of cover up could hide." 

I sighed loudly, I don't like fact that she told him. Although how can I be a good best friend by asking her to keep something so secret from not only her boyfriend, but Luke's best friend? 

"Do you think that anyone else knows? I mean do you think that it is really that obvious that Luke could figure it out?" My body was tensed and I was petrified that Luke could figure it out. 

"Luke is smart. But you know that he is, let's just say, socially challenged. He sucks at reading people and it took him months to pick up Aleisha's signals, and let me tell you they were not descried. Besides, he only realized that she liked him when she flat out kissed him and told him him so." I tried to ignore the pang of jealousy from his Aleisha comment and rolled my eyes at his naivety.

"Calum, it's been four years since I fell in love with Luke. I think he might have picked up on something!" 

"Well, Bunny if he did, he didn't tell me about it. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Now go to sleep and I will wake you up when we get to the bus. Then you can go sleep in my bunk." 

"What are you going to do? I can't take your bed." 

"I can crash on the couch, you need to stay hidden until you wake up and you need your rest, don't need you falling asleep during the partay weekend!" I giggled but settled myself in his arms and fell asleep to his gentle humming. 


"Bunny!" I heard Calum calling me, but I didn't react. "Bunny, wake up!" I didn't want to wake up, it felt like I had just closed my eyes. I buried my face even deeper into the warmth of my chest-pillow and sighed. 

"Come on, Marissa, we need to get you into the bus before the boys see you!" He was right. I opened my eyes and sat up, my neck stiff from sleeping at the angle I did.

After I sat back, Calum got out of the car and ran into the bus, checking to see if any of the boys were awake. He soon ran back out, giving me a thumbs up. It was still 4:30 in the morning after all. I opened the door quietly and ran to the bus. We walked through the quiet bus and into the bunk room. Calum let go of my hand and opened the curtain to his bed. Of course he had the bunk that was right below Luke's. I could see his bracelet-clad arm sticking out of the curtained bunk and I smiled before wiping the thought from my mind. I climbed into the bunk, curling up in Calum's blanket and cuddling his pillow. Calum kissed my forehead before disappearing into the lounge room. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep. 


I woke up when I heard a loud crash. 

"NOOOOO!" I think it was Ashton that yelled. "ANYTHING BUT THE VEGAMITE!!! DAMN YOU MICHAEL!!!!!!!!" Most definitely Ashton. 

Well I'm not going to fall back to sleep anytime soon! Although, I couldn't really blame them, they were four rowdy teenage boys.

I took out my phone from my hoodie and checked all my notifications. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when one tweet in particular caught my attention. 

"@ZozeeBo: Dad just got back from his trip and told me that the girl he was sitting next to on the flight had a panic attack! What a small world!" 

No way! This can't be real life, there was no way that I was sat next to Zoe and Joe Sugg's father for almost eleven hours without realizing it! 

"@ZozeeBo THAT WAS ME! It is a small world! What are the chances? :D" 

After about ten minutes of scrolling through my tweets, my connect tab turned blue and I opened the tab to see that Zoe favourited and retweeted my tweet AND followed me! This day was just beyond amazing! I should probably text Calum  soon to tell him that I'm awake.  

To: Cal-lal-lal-lum " I have awakened! Make sure that everyone is wearing pants before I go out there!" 

From: Cal-lal-lal-lum "Alright, I'm going to come in and hop into the bunk with you so that they don't pull open the curtain looking for something! Be there in a minute Bunny!" After about a minute the curtain was lifted and Calum's large body shuffled in. He smiled and I pulled my arm out from under his back. I shook my head and curled myself up, giving him more room to spread out. He was bigger than me and it was his bunk after all. The bunk was small, but could fit two people. I smiled to myself thinking about how he and Clara would be sharing this bunk tonight. I am so evil! 


From: Cal-lal-lal-lum "Hey I'm flying you out here to surprise the rest of the boys! Paul cleared you and Clara to come out, but I want to surprise her, I need your help!" I immediately came up with the most evil scheme ever!

To: Cal-lal-lal-lum "Skype?" My computer started ringing and as soon as I answered I grabbed my phone and texted Clara. She hates surprises so I am saving Calum from an angry little red head by stopping him! 

To: Clare Bear Batman Twinzie! "When Calum tells you what he is going to tell you, say no! I have a plan and I will explain later! Trust me" I couldn't take all of Calum's thunder, what kind of best friend would I be if I didn't let him at least tell her what he was planning himself? 


After Calum had asked Clara and she said she couldn't go, he was devastated. I felt bad, but he would thank me later. Apparently Paul was going to be taking care of everything since he was the tour manager. Now that I knew this, my plan could be set in action. I scrolled through my contacts until I found his number. He was really good at giving advice that my own father couldn't give me, like how to deal with band members!

To: Uncle Pauly! "So I have a very devious plan and I need your help!"

From: Uncle Pauly! "I'm listening..." After explaining it all to Paul, he agreed that it was a fantastic plan. Clara was on board too, even though she hated lying to Calum about it. I think he might forgive her when she is in his arms though!


"I'm really sorry that Clara couldn't come," I whispered. He shrugged and gave me a half smile. I felt  bad for brining it up, but I had to keep up the charade. We were just sitting in his bunk quietly when my stomach let out a loud rumble and Calum and I looked at each other with scared faces. 

"When was the last time you ate?" He whispered frantically as my stomach letting out another growl. 

"Before my flight!" I hissed quietly.

"I would go grab you something, but we are all out of food."

"Don't worry, I came prepared!" I whispered back. I pulled my backpack from where our feet lay and opened it as quietly as I could. I shuffled through it until I found my leftovers. I pulled out a few chicken wings. They were an unpleasant room-temperature, but food was food.

"You are so strange," Calum smirked and I waved a chicken wing in his face. He scrunched his nose and I pulled it away before taking a bite. I had eaten three chicken wings before Calum popped his head out of the curtain. 

"Hey guys, since we have no food we're going out to breakfast! Make sure you are dressed in five!" He called. I smiled and we sat in silence for a little while. 

"Um, Calum why is your curtain shut? Are you having some happy Calum time?" I could hear the smirk in Luke's voice and my heart fluttered. Calum and I turned to each other with wide eyes before Calum stuttered out a nervous reply that made it sound as if he was doing what Luke assumed. 

"Wh-what? No! Really Luke? Get your mind out of the gutter! I'm... I'm" 

"About to call Clara!" I whispered frantically.

"I'm about to call Clara and I wanted some privacy! No need to be an asshole."

"Sure, Calum, we'll leave you alone, don't worry! Just clean up after yourself when you're done!" I tried to hold in my giggles at Luke's sense of humor. I pretended to gag and Calum smiled bashfully and pulled out his phone. No doubt dialing Clara so that he didn't have to deal with the awkward one sided conversation of a fake phone call.

I smiled as he and Clara had a very nice conversation about poodles. Clara was probably shitting herself though because she should be on the plane right about now!

After about three minutes of them talking I heard Clara's strong Puerto Rican accent tell Calum that she had to go because she didn't want to wake up her mother. I gave her props, I suck at lying. The bunk area was quiet and I loved how they all respected Calum enough to give him his privacy with Clara. Long distance relationships suck, we all know it. Being best friends so far away is hard enough, I can't imagine what Calum and Clara go through.

Calum and I had been sitting here for a few more minutes. The TV could be heard from the lounge room, but everything else was silent. Calum put his face next to my ear and whispered his plan into my ear. I can't wait to see their faces. 

"OK, so I am going to go into the lounge room with the guys and make sure that they don't come back here and then I will say.... pancakes... yeah pancakes, then you can come out!"

"OK, sounds good, just don't forget to film it, Clara wants to see their reactions!" He nodded before hopping out of his bunk, hitting his head in the process. I giggled and he disappeared, but not before sending me a playful glare. 


It had been nearly five minutes and I still had yet to hear Calum say pancakes. I texted him and asked him what the hell he was doing, but the poo head didn't answer. I was too scared to open the curtain because I didn't want anyone to see me and blow the whole thing, but alas I am far too impatient. I peeked my head quickly out of the curtain and saw no one so I pulled my cell phone out and started up my video camera. 

"I'm about to surprise Luke, Michael and Ashton! Wish me luck!" I whispered to the camera. I peeked my head out again before pulling myself from the bunk and made my way to the the curtain separating the two rooms. I looked through the small slit that was open and saw all the boys lounging around. I pointed my camera through the slit, before giving the camera a thumbs up. 

Luke was sitting on the swivel chair in a laying position and was swiveling himself back and forth with his foot while being the very social butterfly he was by scrolling through his phone. The others were sitting at the booth. Calum was facing the curtain while Ashton and Michael were facing the front of the bus. In other words, the coast was clear. I slid out of the bunk room and Calum's eyes widened and I waved my hand telling him to act normal. He kept up his conversation with the boys, but his eyes never left me. I brought my hand up and pointed to my phone. Calum blinked once, as if nodding, before startling the shit out of me. 

"Hey guys let's make a Keek! We haven't done one in a while!" He screamed. 

"We just made one last night you weirdo, but whatever, I'll start it up!" Ashton started for his phone, but Calum was quick to brush him off assuring him that he had it. 

I took small, stealthy steps over to Luke and knelt behind his seat. I was holding my breath slightly so that I wouldn't make too much noise. Calum had his phone so that he looked like he was scrolling for the app, but was hopefully getting a good shot.

"Here we go! Let's do this and then go get some pancakes." I rolled my eyes, but pointed my camera at the unsuspecting Aussie boy. In one swift motion, I popped my elbow up so that it was next to Luke's face and pushed my face forward so that it was peering over the side of the chair. 

"Whatcha lookin' at Lucas?" I asked and a smirk spread across my face and he jumped ten feet into the air before turning around to look at me with shocked eyes. Before I knew it I was pulled into a back breaking hug, Luke picking me up off the floor and spinning me much like Calum did at the airport. My whole body was tingling from the skin contact with Luke. My phone was long forgotten as he held me, I looked over his shoulder and saw Mikey and Ashton's shocked faces. I smiled over at them and they smiled before running over to me and joining in on the group hug. 

"GROUP HUG!" Calum yelled and ran over joining in on smushing me. He was talking to his phone, saying how group hugs were the best. I stood in the middle of our group hug, just basking in the love that was being shared by one another. We all pulled apart from the hug and I went through and hugged all the boys individually while receiving a million questions. 

"What are you doing here?"
"You just about gave em a fucking heart attack!"
"How are you here right now?"
"You just texted me, saying you were in study hall! I feel so betrayed!" 
"When did you get here?" 
"I feel so violated! How long were you even back there?" 
"Yeah, Where the hell were you hiding?" 
"We need to install security cameras!"
"Did you bring me any food?"

"Me and Calum decided to surprise you guys! I mean, I can go if you want but I would rather stay!" I laughed. Mikey just squeezed me harder and rocked us back and forth. After about ten minutes of just hugging each other we all sat on the couches and chairs talking about the whole set-up. It was nice to just be able to sit in the same room as everyone, I really missed them! I can't wait for Clara to get here and then our little family will be complete. If only we could spend more time together than just a weekend. 

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