Obsession(zayn malik)

Hi, I'm zayn, he said as he sat next to me.
Ya I know, I said.
And those were the words that I fell in love with... At least I thought.
(May include sexual scenes )


16. chapter9

*hey guys, sorry I know I said I was gonna update by 8:00, but something came up so I couldn't update until now.*

Emily's P.O.V

Today I'm gonna hang out with Gagandeep . We actually haven't hung out in a while, since she's been with Harry. Gagandeep told me she had something important to tell me. I wonder what it is. Anyway, Zayn is gonna hang out with the boys today, so I don't have to worry about him being by himself. I met Gagandeep at a cafe around two. We ordered sone drinks and sat at a table.

Gagandeep's P.O.V

I met Emily at a cafe around two. I needed to tell her that I found out I am pregnant. I haven't told anyone not even Harry.

E: Hey Gagandeep!

G: Hey Emily, I have some important news to tell you!

E: Ooh, what is it?

G: I'm pregnant!

(Begin flashback)

I was sitting at home waiting for Harry to get back from his new job at a bakery. And I realized that I haven't had my period for this month. I had a little panic attack and went to the store to buy a pregnancy test. Luckily Harry wasn't home when I got back, so I went into the bathroom did my thing and waited to see the answer on the stick. When I looked at it, there it was a big pink positive sign!

(End flashback)

Emily looked shocked, but soon she smiled.

Emily's P.O.V

I was excited for Gagandeep, but also worried. Gagandeep is just finishing high school. She is definitely not ready to have a baby.

E: So, you plan on keeping the baby right?

G: Of course! I would never have an abortion or put it for adoption!

E: Have you told Harry?

G: No but I plan on telling him tonight.

E: Do you want me to be there with you?

G: No it's okay, I can handle it. I just hope he takes the news okay.....

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