Obsession(zayn malik)

Hi, I'm zayn, he said as he sat next to me.
Ya I know, I said.
And those were the words that I fell in love with... At least I thought.
(May include sexual scenes )


2. chapter1

Hi, I'm Emily, I said to the principle of my new school.

We'll hi Emily, I'm mrs. Charles, your principle.

Emily's p.o.v

I was so nervouse, this is my first day at hawthorn high!!! I hope I fit in......

Mrs. Charles was leading me to my first class. It was math. I walked in and said hello to my teacher, mrs. Holmes. She told me to sit down next to a boy with a quiff of hair.

Zayn's p.o.v

As I saw the new girl walk in, I knew she was the one I needed. She was so beautiful. She had on some skinny jeans and a guns and roses tea- shirt. Mrs. Holmes told her to sit next to me!!!

She sat down and I introduced myself.

Hi, I'm zayn.

Ya, I know, she said.

So your new here,

We'll ya, can't you see that!. She told me this time she spoke with an attitude.

Sorry, i was just trying to make conversation.

Sorry, she said back. I'm Emily by the way.

Nice name, I said. Hey, you should come over to my flat, you can meet my mates.

Sure she said, I gave her my address and we met up after school. I knew I was gonna get her, I always get the girl I want, but will it be different with this one.....

Emily's p.o.v

Zayn was pretty attractive. I couldn't wait to go to his house. Things are looking up for me. I have already made a friend. I just hope I don't get my heart broken at this school too.....

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