Obsession(zayn malik)

Hi, I'm zayn, he said as he sat next to me.
Ya I know, I said.
And those were the words that I fell in love with... At least I thought.
(May include sexual scenes )


14. chapter 8

*sexual content ahead*

Gagandeep's P.O.V

Harry decided to call a cab since we were to intoxicated to drive. As we were driving home, I was teasing Harry running my hand up and down his leg trying not to be noticed by the cab driver. Harry looked at me with pleading eyes, he whispered to me that if I don't stop I will regret it. I didn't listen and kept going up his leg. I was about to go further until the driver told us we were here. Harry got to his door and unlocked it. As soon as we got inside he attacked me with his lips while his body grinding against mine. I kissed him back and felt his tongue glide across my bottom lip asking for entrance. I let him as we explored each others mouths.

Harry's P.O.V

I couldn't handle it! I need her now. I picked up Gagandeep and carried her up the stairs to my bedroom not loosing lip contact. I slowly undressed her as she undressed me with shakey hands. We were both now in our undergarments and under the covers of my bed. I took off her bra, and she quickly covered herself feeling as if she were not good enough. " You are beautiful to me no matter what!" I told her as I moved her hands down. She smiled and put her hands around my neck. Soon enough we were both naked. I was getting my revenge while kissing her thighs teasing her as she did to me.

Gagandeep's P.O.V

Without warning he thrusted into me. Making me gasp. He kept his pace slow allowing me to adjust. Then started going fast. We were moaning and gasping for air. I started leaving scratches on his back as I felt my stomach start to build pressure. I reached my climax a few seconds before Harry did. He collapsed next to me panting. "I love you" he whispered "I love you too." I replied.

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