Obsession(zayn malik)

Hi, I'm zayn, he said as he sat next to me.
Ya I know, I said.
And those were the words that I fell in love with... At least I thought.
(May include sexual scenes )


9. chapter 5

Gagandeep p.o.v

After the mall, Harry asked me if I wanted to come over to his flat. I said I would love to! *skip car drive* when we got to his flat, it was huge! It was Evan bigger when I got inside. He had 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I saw lots of pictures of his friends and family. Anyway, we decided to sit on the couch and talk. We talked about family members and Harry talked a lot about cats! (LLN)

Harry's p.o.v

Gagandeep is pretty cool. I never thought me and her would have so much in common. We just talked for a long time before she suggested to watch her favorite movie, Harry potter. After seeing ALL the movies, she said it was time for her to go. I really didn't want her to go! 😕 I decided to give her my number and she gave me hers.

Gagandeeps p.o.v

As I was leaving me and Harry exchanged numbers. Harry was really nice, and HOT! And he was a really good listener, unlike the other boys I've hanged out with. As I was driving home, I got a text. It was just Harry already texting me asking if I was home yet. Awww, he care about me! Maybe this is a start if a wonderful relationship 😏😉

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