Last First Kiss

Ruby who is big fan of Supernatural... Watches all the season in a weekend, she loves Dean Winchester and she has a dream about Dean Winchester... and this is how it goes


2. Ruby's Dream

It is 2:00AM and I am sleeping peacefully, then I am entering a dream and I am supernatural OMG!!. I am playing Castelle. I am an Angel... Dean is having a go at me, I disappear from him and I never seen him anymore as the devil has got me.. I woke up all scared and there is a demon basically on top of me.. I am basically screaming the house down and Lily came racing into my room. Dean and Sam break into my house and into my room.. OMG DEAN saves my life! Dean said to me "Are you ok Ruby?" OMG he knew my name. "Yeah I am OK!" I replied. "Do you want me to stay with you for the night". OMG he wants to stay with me "I would love for you to stay me" Lily is rolling her eyes. Dean sleeps on my bed and I snuggle against him. I am in love with him already, my dream is coming true.

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