Our lives with louis and niall

Megan is a 21 year old girl who is dating Louis Tomlinson but does her best friend Erica like him too? Even though she's dating Niall Horan? And does Megan like Niall?


2. Megan and Louis too?!?!

Megan POV

I woke up with myself on the floor oh right I slept over at Erica's and…… she's still asleep "great." I said to myself. Then I got a call from Louis I answered of course. Oh but I wish I didn't.

Louis POV

Of course I didn't wanna tell her but I didn't have a choice. "Hello" she said "babe were gonna have to stay a bit longer on the tour" "how long?" "Well we have a meet and greet,interview and about 2 more months on the tour" and like that she hung up. I mean I had no choice it was either tell her or not tell her and her to Never forgive me.

Megan POV

What!? Louis had to stay for a meet and greet, interview,and 2 more months?? I was devastated I was broken I mean I never get to see Lou and this is worse and I had no one to call…… except my best friend I called her tears streaming down my face. "What's wrong?" She said "Lou has to stay and a meet and greet,interview, and 2 more months for the tour " "I'm so sorry Meg" " I'm done with Louis shenanigans and done with him I NEVER get to see him!!" "NO don't do it!" "Well I'm not gonna see much of a difference since I don't see him anyways" "don't do it" and she hung up


I had to call Lou and break the news I just missed him so much "hello" he said "babe I'm sorry I just I can't go on living my life like I had no boyfriend, I'm breaking up with you" "why!" "Because you are always gone!" I screamed into the phone and he hung up he said that I could keep the house for a few days while he slept downstairs in the couch but I told him it was ok and that I will fly to Texas because my parents lived there when Erica she practically almost slapped me across the face but she didn't luckily and the next day I got my tickets.

Authors note hoped you all liked this chapter it was fun making and sorry it was so short lol till the next time and plz read my book lol. Bye!

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