The Foster Home

Meredith Eve Anderson , or just call me Mer or Eve . I live on oak road in a place known as hell called Cheshire Foster home .


6. Part 6

I ran to her and hugged her she took off her sunglasses and hugged me back . She walked to the front desk and sternly said " I would like to take her out for a few hours please ."

The ladies put on their fake smiles and nodded . " Who are you to Meredith ?" My aunt rolled her eyes , " I'm her Auntie ." They nodded and we were out the door .

We reached her Mercedes " So why did you take me ?" She smiled . " today's your birthday Meredith ! Your 17 !" I looked shocked .

Then I realized that the car crash was on my birthday . So today was my birthday and my parents 17 year anniversary of their death . My smiled quickly faded , my auntie noticed and rubbed my face . A tear came down my cheeck.

* after driving a while *

" So where exactly are you taking me ? ". I smiled and looked at her . " Somewhere !" she laughed . After a while we parked .....

I don't recognize this place at all .

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