The Foster Home

Meredith Eve Anderson , or just call me Mer or Eve . I live on oak road in a place known as hell called Cheshire Foster home .


4. Part 4

After breakfast I did the dishes , and Zoey vaccumed the whole building while another girl cleaned the table and Ashley dusted the bookshelves , and so on and so forth .

Before we knew it , mid meal time ! Zoey smiled kll while they passed out biscuits with cheese . I laughed . " Hey Zo do you ever think we'll get out of here ?" She looked down , " I don't really know . One day I just hope a really attractive guy would just take me away from here . I nodded .

" Good Morning boys and girls ," Davison said sternly . It was time for math class . The boys and girls joined together for school , which was nice .

" Hey Zoey !" I said she was day dreaming about her crush , Niall Horan . He also attended the Foster home . While I payed attention to the board , I noticed eyes staring at me . From the window .

I looked towards the window and I swear I saw a boy , I knew who he was but he was the bad boy no one knew who his parents were or his story his name was Zayn Malik .

The timer rang and we put our math journal away and got our literature journal out . Davison erased the chalk board and started writing down sentences that we could revise .

Class time flew by . I tried to ignore the eyes I knew were staring at me .

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