The Foster Home

Meredith Eve Anderson , or just call me Mer or Eve . I live on oak road in a place known as hell called Cheshire Foster home .


2. Part 2

I woke up , to ms Davison screaming her lungs out . " Zoey ! How dare you slip a bagel from breakfast Into your dorm room !" blah blah blah .

Zoey Adams is my best friend . Zoey loves food . Hence why she snuck a bagel into our dorm room . God why is Davison so stubborn ? it's a fucking bagel for gods sakes .

After Davison was done with her little rant . I went up to Zoey who seemed sad . " Zo what's wrong ?" I questioned her , " We'll Davison took the bagel ..." . I smiled . " you'll be fine .!"

" Wow Zoey typical of you to steal a bagel , haven't you had enough yet ?" Ashley Harris butted in . I rolled my eyes .

Ashley Harris is Davisons sisters daughter . Which is why she's here . Her mum and dad are in the mountains . Typical rich family .

I went to the wash room and brushed my teeth and put on a knee high dress , with blue flowers on it . I put on my blue ribbon in my pony tail .

I went down to the dining hall , " Ms Anderson ! why are you not wearing your uniform ?!" she yelled . " Cause my " uniform " is dirty , mind washing it ?" I smiled . She rolled her eyes .


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