The Foster Home

Meredith Eve Anderson , or just call me Mer or Eve . I live on oak road in a place known as hell called Cheshire Foster home .


1. Part 1

Hi I'm Meredith Eve Anderson . You can call me Mer , or just Eve . I've lived in Cheshire my whole life . You can find me on oak road . I live in a place called Cheshire Foster Care Unit .

My parents died in a car accident my moms name was Serena Anderson . My auntie said I looked like her , a lot . I don't really remember her at all which kinda sucks for me . Life sucks a lot .

My dad , we'll his name was Landon Anderson . My auntie said he was the super sweet to my mother . Even one time he covered her bedroom floor in red roses . Sucks that I don't remember .

At times I wish I had died with them in the car . Life would be a lot easier than it is , right now . Foster care sucks no one really cares about you . Especially Ms Davison our caretaker .

She's the baddest bitch in the foster home . She's a she - devil . She looks like an evil alien from mars or something . I swear she's a evil witch . That's out to get me , and everyone else .

Welcome to my life .

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