We WERE Bestfriends

Harry styles and his gang abuse Jasmine and Bella for 3 years in high school. They have been thinking to end it for years now. Will they give up? or will they survive till school is over?


2. Flash back.

Jasmine's P.O.V (Flash Back)

I sat in my room scrolling through twitter and instagram, it was my normal routine like always. The boys and Bella were downstairs playing monopoly. That was what they always play on a regular Friday night. I decided to take a shower before going to bed. I grabbed everything i needed to get ready.

-Skip Shower-


I walked out of the bathroom with only a bra and panties on. I forgot to bring my clothes with me. As i was opening my closet to grab a onsie. I heard the sound of my bedroom door open.. Oh No, i turned around to see it was..... Zayn

Zayn: Hey Jazz, Everyone wanted t- He stopped when he saw what i was wearing. He just stood there and.....stared? He was use to seeing me like this. One time i went swimming in my bra and undies. He was biteing his lip...oh gosh

Me: Hey Zayn, Sorry i was just finished my shower and i forg- I was cut off when i noticed Zayn walking closer towards me. I felt goosebumps start to spread all of my body. "Zayn" i whispered.

Zayn: Don't talk just listen. I like you Jasmine Rose Smith. I really like you more than a friend, it hurts me that you call me your friend and i mean just a friend. I started to have feeling for you the first day i saw you. Please give me a chance Will you, Jasmine be my girlfriend, i promise i won't ever hurt you... please??

I was surprised what just came out of Zayn mouth. I had feelings for him aswell but i never thought he would feel the same way. We met in kindergarten he was rock.

I jumped into his arms smiling like a complete idiot. I am Zayn Malik's girlfriend. eepp.. We kissed for a very and i mean very long time. Zayn walked out saying he would be right back.

Louis' P.O.V

It was time i confessed my feelings for Jasmine. She is in her room all alone, this will be the perfect time to make my move. Zayn came back from seeing her and was smiling, okay i don't know what that is all about. I walked upstairs opening her pink bedroom door seeing her on her laptop, she looked up at me and smiled...mmmm how i love her smile.

Me: Jasmine, I have to tell you something very important okay?
She nodded slowly letting the confusion take over her. I walked over to her smashing my lips over hers. I felt her not kidding back making me real angry.

Me: Kiss me back or else! I will turn the guys against you and your little bitch of a friend Bella.

Jasmine: No! You think i will kiss you back? your kidding me right? you already knew i had feelings for Zayn. I always came to you about my feelings for him, i told you everything, and what do i get?! a kiss from you! I don't like you like that. In fact i never will, i'm happy for us to just stay friends and i mean FRIENDS only. Just-just get out.


I can't believe she just said that to me, all of my emotions were in my mind. I didn't know what to think, WOW just....Wow. After i thought about her words for a few mintues i felt so angry. Why didn't she feel the same about me? She is going to be mine whether she likes it or not.

Me: Your are going to regret this. I am going to get the boys against you and Bella. We are going to get you back to the point where you want to kill yourself. Have fun with your new life without, Bitch.

-End of flashback-
That was the start of my new life. :(


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