We WERE Bestfriends

Harry styles and his gang abuse Jasmine and Bella for 3 years in high school. They have been thinking to end it for years now. Will they give up? or will they survive till school is over?


1. Characters

Harry: A real flirt, aggressive, high temper, has a soft side, loving, caring, gets angry real easily. Has a girlfriend


Zayn: Mysterious, All the girls are in love with him, cute, hot, funny, Best personality out of all the guys, romantic, helpful but also aggressive.


Louis: Funny, cheeky, falls in love easily, has a girlfriend. Has a secret crush on Jasmine.

Niall: Has a great personality, loves kids, wants to find the perfect girl and have kids.

Liam: Is the mature one but hates Jasmine and Bella's guts, aggressive.

Jasmine: Gets bullied, abused, hate, sick of everything. Has a crush on Zayn. Trys to get rid of the feelings but its hard too. Loves children, food.

Bella: (All the feelings Jasmine has) Has a crush on Harry but thinks she has gone insane.



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