Blood (Sebastian X Reader)

What will you do when a savior comes knocking on the door? Will you be able to handle drama at the Phantomhive manor? Will you find love? Or will you face death?

Find out in Blood : A Sebastian x Reader fan fiction


4. Uniform

You woke the next morning with a pounding headache. You sit up in bed, and hear a light knocking from outside the door. A bit nervous, you whisper, "Come in.." 

     Sebastian enters with a large bag. "Good morning , I do hope you slept fine, you shall begin work in an hour, and will do so everyday at the same time, One of our loyal workers, Mey-Rin, will show you what you must do." He placed the bag beside you on the bed and whispered, "I hope you find this outfit suitable since I did pick it out myself," He smiled and turned to leave, "You should begin preparing for your first day."

You stood, wobbling a bit since you barely managed to get any sleep the previous night. You had way too much on your mind. You picked up the bag, taking the uniform out. It had been quite cute for a maids uniform.

Out of nowhere, a strange woman bursts into the room, her face turning red when seeing you wearing the uniform.

(Polyvore "Your" maid uniform:

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