Blood (Sebastian X Reader)

What will you do when a savior comes knocking on the door? Will you be able to handle drama at the Phantomhive manor? Will you find love? Or will you face death?

Find out in Blood : A Sebastian x Reader fan fiction


5. The Favorite

The girl seemed a little older than you with bright red hair in tight pigtails, glasses covering her eyes , her cheeks bright red, blood dripping from her nose, and a maids outfit MUCH different than mine. She wiped the blood from her nose and spoke very loudly, "Why , deary! Aren't you just adorable! But how did you ever get stuck wearing an outfit so revealing!" 

You blushed a dark crimson, looking down and observed the outfit you had just changed into. It was indeed much different from the other girl. It was a simple black and white french maids dress. But, with a twist. Yours had a tight black corset with white lace, unlike hers. Also, hers came to her knees, while yours stopped mid thigh. And your cleavage had indeed been enhanced and noticed. 

You looked down, quite embarassed and then spoke, "S-Sebastian picked it out for me.."

A bit confused, the red-head spoke in a teasing tone, "I betcha mean old Sebastian has gotten a crush on you miss!" 

You blushed even darker, and looked up, a bit defensive, "No! That would be so innapropriate. He doesn't like me at all... I barely know him..."

She simply nodded, not wanting to upset you anymore, "Alright, alright. Mah names Mey-Rin. And you are?"

You smiled and whispered, "You can call me {Your Name}."

"What a cute name ya have dear. Now, we should head down so I can began showing you what we shall do."

She grabbed your hand, running out the bedroom door, and down the hall. You walked towards a very fancy, gold plated door. You then whispered, "Where are we going?"

Mey-Rin smiled and spoke, "Master Ciel requested for you to personally clean up his room each day. "

A bit confused, you tilted your head to the side. She simply whispered once more, "No worries, you'll do just fine. Now, simply knock on his door, and enter. Then, begin your tasks. "



You knocked lightly on the door and entered. Ciel had been sipping tea in bed, and looked up at you. "Hello Miss, I hope you slept well."

"M-Mey-Rin said you requested for me to straighten up your room?" You whispered.

"Ah, yes, of course. But, you shall not be cleaning today..."


He smirked, walking towards you. "That outfit is cute..."


You were cornered. He placed his hands against the wall so you couldn't escape. He pressed his icy cold lips agains your neck whispering, "You're mine..."

Suddenly, Sebastian burst through the door, a bit shocked. He then stuttered out, "M-Miss.. You're needed in the garden." 

Ciel shot you a cold hard look, releasing you from his grip. Once out, Sebastian followed close behind. He grabbed your hand, swinging you around and holding you close. A bit confused and scared, he looked down at you, he then whimpered out, "You love him.. Don't you?"

You turned red and almost screamed out, "No, no, no! I don't love him. I don't even know him! He's so forceful and annoying! And I hate this outfit! And I hate this whole damn place--" He cut you off by placing a finger to your lip. "Shh.. Sh... It will all get better, I promise. " He held you close, as you began to cry. "I hate him! I hate him! I love yo---" 

You turned red, and looked up. A bit shocked and choked up, he whispered as well, "Trust me, I hate him too..." As a demon , he was never able to admit his love for someone or something, He whispered once more, "Love.. Is a strong word.."

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