Blood (Sebastian X Reader)

What will you do when a savior comes knocking on the door? Will you be able to handle drama at the Phantomhive manor? Will you find love? Or will you face death?

Find out in Blood : A Sebastian x Reader fan fiction


3. Strange Encounters

Sebastian led you up the stairs to a very large room, you stepped inside to find a large bed, long windows leading out to a balcony, and soft purple carpet, and a small desk. 

Sebastian noticed your awe and spoke, "I'm glad you like, our servants usually share a room, but I pulled a few strings..."

You soon noticed the purple satin curtains, sheets, and bed. You walked over, laying back onto the bed. The butler smiled, noticing you were becoming more comfortable. You soon decided to stand up and speak, "Thank you Sebastian..."


You glanced up into his shimmering red eyes, he smiled, tilting his head to the side, "Hm?"

You blushed and looked down. He leaned down, kissing you gently on the cheek, "Sleep well, dear..."


At that moment Ciel burst through the door, a look of pure rage appearing on his face, "Sebastian! How dare you bother this poor lady!" .

Sebastian bowed and whispered, "I'm deeply sorry for what you have seen, my lord."


He scurried out. Ciel approached you, a smug look on his face. "I'm deeply sorry miss, for my butlers innapropriate behavior. " He sighed and whispered into your ear, "Though, I find that you'd be better off with me then that creep." You blushed a dark crimson as the lord led you to your bed.

You layed back, as he kissed your forehead, "Goodnight my dear..."

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