Blood (Sebastian X Reader)

What will you do when a savior comes knocking on the door? Will you be able to handle drama at the Phantomhive manor? Will you find love? Or will you face death?

Find out in Blood : A Sebastian x Reader fan fiction


6. Reality

Unable to think nor speak, you pushed the man away, running towards your room. 'Why the hell did guys have to be so confusing...' you thought to yourself, beginning to choke up. Once in your room, you sat on the large bed, carefully starting to think things over.

     Even though you knew very little about Sebastian, something about him drove you crazy. He was perfect. And he was secretive and harsh to every single person butyou. Soon, you finally came to a conclusion. Sebastian had simply been one of those sinful, sexy bad boys that every girl drooled over. You would never have a chance with him. 
       Everything suddenly made sense. Maybe you were there for a reason other than making money. You stood, and stepped out into the hall, looking both ways to be certain Sebastian hadn't followed. you headed towards your masters chamber. 
        You knocked lightly on the door, the sudden adrenaline now increasing. Soon, Ciel spoke quite loudly, "Come in."

As soon as you entered, a quite seductive grin appeared on his face. He then stood from his desk and whispered, "Ah, I see you've come back. "
Only able to nod, He took your hand, leading you over to a large sofa. Once sitting beside him, he sighed, glancing over at you, "I'm sorry... you know, if I came off as a complete ass. I'm honestly not used to interacting with attractive women... Then again, I'm usually a stuck up ass most of the time anyway..."

You noticed a dark blush appear on the younger boys face. Feeling quite bad for him, you placed a gentle, soft kiss on his cheek and simply responded, "No need to apologize. I am the maid. You're expected to treat me badly. "

"No, no... " He blushed darker, now standing. With his more serious, dull look returning, he crossed his arms and demanded, "Marry me."

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