Blood (Sebastian X Reader)

What will you do when a savior comes knocking on the door? Will you be able to handle drama at the Phantomhive manor? Will you find love? Or will you face death?

Find out in Blood : A Sebastian x Reader fan fiction


1. Opportunity Of A Life Time

You hear a loud knocking at the door which was quite unusual since you lived on the outskirts of town in a small wooden cabin. You're hesitant but soon decide to head over to the door. The knocking has grown louder. You carefully swing it open to be greeted by a very handsome pale, tall man dressed in a black suit. His beauty was simply intoxicating. He soon opened his mouth and begins to speak, "Hello miss, I am Sebastian Michaelis, butler to Lord Ciel Phantomhive of the Phantomhive corporation. "

I gasped at the name 'Phantomhive' . The young man was very well known throughout England. Some say he used to be the Queen's personal guard dog. Though, he was believed to be dead. After the long pause he continued to speak, "May I ask for your name?"

"My name? Well I'm [Insert Your Name] ."

"Ah yes, of course. You are the exact person who I am looking for. Both my master and I heard you are looking for a job. At the manor we are currently looking for a new maid. You shall live and work at the manor , if you are interested."

"Of course I am! But I am curious..."


"Lord Phantomhive... Isn't he dead?"

He let out a low chuckle and whispered, "Well why don't you come find out? Pack your bags , dear"

I ran upstairs gathering a few important belongings such as clothing, family portraits, and jewelry. I then returned and locked up the old cabin where I spent most of my life. I sighed, joining Sebastian in the carriage. We rode off into the night, I was both excited and quite nervous about my new life. I glanced over at Sebastian, he was a very attractive man. He noticed I had been staring, causing me to blush and look down. This was nonsense. He was like a second boss to me now, It's unprofessional to find your boss attractive.

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