Twisted Love

We all know the medias version of One Direction, the cameras version of Matthew Lush and Nick Laws. But do you know who they really are? Their fears? Pain? Trials? Scars? Well now you can.

Note: this is all fiction. None of it is true.


5. Sexuality.

Nialls P.O.V.

I looked at Nicks now wet shirt and scratched the back of my neck.

"Ah sorry mate." I said shooting glares at the boys whose faces have gone red from holding laughter.

I walk over to Matthew and sling my arm over is shoulder, and chuckled as he practically shook with excitement.

"Anyways, lads, whatcha say to showin Matty and... Nick?" I asked while looking at Nick questionably, who nods.

I laughed as Matthew squealed slightly.

"Excited much?" Matthew quickly nods his head.

I started to walk, not noticing a puddle of water, I started running at full speed with Matty right behind me. My foot hit the slick mess and I let out a yelp as I went down. I felt someone grabs my hips and I closed my eyes, with my arms around my face, protecting it. I heard a thud then what sounded like air leaving someone's lungs. I moved my arms and gasped when I saw Liam under me with a pained expression. My eyes locked onto his lips, and I felt myself being pulled towards them. I started to lean in, but stopped with a gasp. I. Was. Not. Gay.

"How much do you weigh, mate?" Liam said as he gently pushed me off him.

"I...I..I have to wee." I said as I shot up, and dashed for the bathroom. Ignoring the questioning yells from behind me.

I heard footsteps behind me but I didn't care, I kept running until I saw the "restroom" sign. I dashed into the bathroom and quickly closed then locked the door behind me. One thing ran through my head, 'Why had Liam done that?'


Matthews POV

I slid to a stop to avoid the puddle and to avoid falling on top of Liam and Niall, I look down and see them sit there on top of each other for a few second and see Niall jump up and run towards the bathroom. I could see the blush on his cheeks, I walked over and helped Liam up as I pulled him towards me and whispered in his ear

"You and me are talking about this later." And I look straight at him as he looks at me and nods his head with an angry/confused look and I nod my head back and walk towards the group of laughing boys, who I hope didn't notice what I did.

Harry looks at Liam his face very red and streaked with tears from laughing "A.are you o..o..ok" he asked Liam still laughing profusely, I looked at him apologeticly and pat his back.

I smile at Nick and announce to the group "im gonna go find Niall and see if he's okay." And start walking toward the restroom.

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