Twisted Love

We all know the medias version of One Direction, the cameras version of Matthew Lush and Nick Laws. But do you know who they really are? Their fears? Pain? Trials? Scars? Well now you can.

Note: this is all fiction. None of it is true.


13. Romeo and Juliet with a twist.

Romeo and Juliet with a twist.

Matthews POV

Shit, Shit, Shit I jumped up

"God fucking damn it I can't do this anymore!" I screamed as I sprinted out, hoping I could catch Nick.

I looked back at Niall, "Do not chase me" I growled at him, as he whimpered.

I ran faster to try and catch Nick yet avoid everyone else, I yelled at him, begged, but he kept running so I heaved myself on him and tackled him. He squirmed and I tried as hard as I could to hold him down.

"Stop!" I screamed at him "Listen to me Nick" he looked at me and I saw so much hurt and sorrow in his eyes it made me want to cry again. "I'm sorry Nick, he kissed me, I didn't kiss him"

I lied, I just didn't know what to do any more I hated myself so much then.

"I love you, please forgive me, please." I begged as I got off of him and stood up, I allowed him get up as well.

"I love you too Matthew, I really do, but I think you love him more." he said as he looked at me

"No! Nick please I..I don't, I want" I scream and fell to the ground.

He squatted down next to me and pulled up my chin, then pecked my lips softly and caressed my cheek with his thumb.

"I love you Matty, but do what your heart wants." I sobbed and grabbed his hand.

"I'm so sorry for hurting you Nick, you didn't deserve me, find someone who deserves you." I squeaked out and let go of his hand as I curled up in a ball and slowly fell asleep.


Nialls P.O.V.

I sat in the bathroom with my head in my hands and sobbed. Not only had I kissed one of my best mates, but I also made his boyfriend break up with him. I heard footsteps approaching me yet I didn't care.

"Nialler? What happened" I looked up at Louis with tears in my eyes.

"I...I..." I said before I started sobbing again, he quickly walked over to me and wrapped me in a bear hug.

"Hey, hey, you're ok. Just talk to me." He said as if talking to a five year old who broke their favorite toy.

"I..I.. Kissed him.." I say and buried my head in his neck as he gasped.

"Niall, who's "him"" he asked.

"Mat-ty" I said as my voice cracked from crying so much.

Louis sighed and rubbed my back.

"Now why'd you do that?" All I could do was shrug.

"I didn't, my body did, and didn't give me time to think... Or resist.." I said stealing Mattys words.

Louis sighed again.

"Ya know, that's how me and Harry had our first kiss together." He said in a dreamy tone.

"Really?" I asked feeling like a small child about to be told a story.

Louis laughed and just nodded.

"Lou, how did you and Harry meet? I mean I know you two met in the loo, but when...when did you realize you had feelings for eachother?" I asked.

Louis smiled, " well we did meet in a loo, but you don't know everything." He said winking at me. " well, when I walked in and saw him pacing the floors of the loo, I felt my heart stop. He was... Is beautiful, he had been mumbling, about how he couldn't go on, how he would fail. I had heard him at boot camp several times, and his voice had always took my breath away. Still does actually." He said and chuckled. I smiled already feeling quite better. "I had cleared my throat trying to get his attention, obviously it worked. Then we kinda just talked, his back had somehow ended up against the wall, and then I felt myself lean in.... And... And then we kissed." Louis said with a look of pure bliss across his face.

I smiled. " you really love him, don'tcha?" I asked and Louis looked down at me, and nodded.

"Yes. Yes I do, I would do anything for him." I felt my heart swell slightly.

I had always been a hopeless romantic, and this was practically making me explode with emotion.

It was a real life Romeo and Juliet. Just hopefully they both didn't end up dead in the the end..

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