Twisted Love

We all know the medias version of One Direction, the cameras version of Matthew Lush and Nick Laws. But do you know who they really are? Their fears? Pain? Trials? Scars? Well now you can.

Note: this is all fiction. None of it is true.


4. Reunion.


Nialls P.O.V.

I walked off the stage still pumped from performing. I pull my drenched shirt off of my body, then walk to the refreshment table and grabbed a water. I opened the lid and gulped it down in literally five seconds. I heard laughter behind me and turned to see a red faced Liam clutching his sides from laughing so hard.

"What's so funny?" I asked confused,

Liam just shook his head still laughing. I suddenly felt coldness dumped onto me and I let out a scream.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!?" I screamed turning around and saw more red faced boys.

I stood there shivering, and glaring at my "best mates". I felt something being draped around my shoulders, I turned around and saw a regretful looking Liam.

"Sorry mate." Liam said handing me another towel.

I put it on my head, and started drying my head when i heard a knock on the door. All of us turned to the door, I felt myself get excited knowing it was Matthew. I squealed and ran towards the door as I heard a familiar voice, but slightly deeper. I hid behind a wall, smiling getting ready to scare Matthew. I heard him come in, and practically felt his excitement. Once I heard him stop and ooh and aww, I jumped out and screamed Boo. I felt my jaw hit the ground, for the boy that was standing in front of me no longer wore all black, and had short black hair. He was now brightly dressed, had rainbow hair cut like Zayns, oh ya and he was holding hands with a guy.

"M...Matty?" I stuttered using the nickname I gave him when we lived next door to each other.


Matthews POV

"Oh my god" I muttered under my breath as I stared at niall probably mirroring the shocked look on his face. I squealed as I ran over and hugged him.

"NIALLER!" I screamed as he hugged me and stepped back,

"Holy shit" he said staring at me "what happened to you?!" I looked up at him

"excuse me? What happened to you?" Last time I saw him he had medium brown hair and wayyyyyyy less muscle, if I didn't have a boyfriend and he wasn't my best friend I would totally want him..... I step back and looked at Nick "This is my boyfriend Nick."

I looked over at Nick and he blushed ever slightly. I was the only one who noticed, I squeezed his hand and then went up and hug each of the boys

"OH MY GOD I'M MEETING ONE DIRECTION I'M CRYING!" I screamed in one breath, Nick patted my back

"oh my, I knew you were excited but Matthew calm down" he said softly, I looked at him

"BUT I CANT! IM TOO EXCITED" he smiled and chuckled at me with those so freaking adorable dimples of his.

He stepped forward awkwardly to shake hands with the boys, he went to Niall first. Nick outstretched his hand and Niall grabbed it pulls him in to hug him, taking Nick by surprise. Niall laughed and looked at him

"Nice ta' meet ya mate" Nick grins and turns around looking at me

"I like them already" he says to me as I wink at him. He hugged the rest of them then walked back over to me.

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