Love At First Site!! <3

Hello, my name is Brooklyn I'm 18 and I have just started this new school in London and well I am so nervous. Brooklyn moved away from Kentucky because she was abused by her Dad it started at 5 years of age and so on... So that is why she moved and her mom died of cancer when she was 4. Will her dad come look for her or what??


1. Settle In...

Dad has just left and I'm now on my way to the Airport in Lexington.

I arrive and get on the plane so I stick my headphones on and listen to "Kiss You" by One Direction my favorite song EVER!!

*Skip Plane Ride*

I get off when I forgot that I didn't have a ride, apartment, or anything. While I sit on the bench I get a tap on the shoulder. I look up a see a hot guy suddenly I recognize him from One Direction.

He says "Hello my name is-" but I interrupt him and I say "Zayn". I was so happy I was yelling inside. He asked me what was wrong and so I told him. He asked me if I wanted to come to his house and hang with him for a bit so I said "Sure".

We then pulled up to this enormous mansion. I walked in with Zayn and then suddenly I see four boys running my way. "Hi I'm Niall" the cute blonde says. "Hello I'm Louis, your very beautiful" he said and I start blushing. "Aye I'm Liam" as he kisses my palm. "Hello Beautiful I'm Harry" he says while he flips his curls...

Niall shows me where I'll sleep for a few days and it has a beautiful bed, computer desk, walk-in-closet, and a bathroom. Since I love to sing and play the guitar I thought I might make a YouTube Video so I did. Once I finished I heard someone clapping at the door and it was Harry the little FLIRT haha.. "Your really GOOD" he says and I start to blush again. To change the subject I asked him where is the closet College/School around here and then he said about 10 miles away. He asked me my name and I said Brooklyn he said it was a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

"Dinners ready"!! I hear Liam yell. Niall is rushing all the way to get to the table while me an Harry are just now getting in the Kitchen. We were all eating until Louis asked me how long I'm staying then I said not long and they all sighed. Liam yelled and said why don't you stay here and then I said sure.. (:

So how do you guys like it so far like it!! (;

And I need help thinking of a girlfriend for Niall, pitch your ideas in the comments!! (:

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