My Life Saver

She was done with love and romance. All those butterflies flew away after her heart was torn apart by him, Ben. She thought she was done with all of the drama until she got Justin Bieber M&G tickets for her Sweet 16.


11. Where Are U Now?

A/N-- It's been sooo long!!! I had an urge to write though... might be because I don't want to do French homework... But still :) ~TNT 


Sarah's POV: 

It's been the hardest week of my life. Justin left for his tour just one week ago and it feels like an eternity! Even though he texts me everyday and practically every minute and Facetimes me at night before I go to sleep, I just long for a hug and his touch. He's been posting on Instagram a lot recently too of all the places he's travelled to, but I feel no relief from the emptiness I am feeling... 


There are 2 months of school left, but one of them is full of exams. My mom said that maybe this summer I could go and join Justin for a week or so on his tour. Good news, but also so far away... 


As I grab my backpack and car keys from my desk to head to school, I see a notification on my phone telling me that Justin has posted another photo on Instagram. Excited to see a photo of my baby before I begin the long drive to hell (aka school), I unlock my phone to view it. Staring up at me is a photo of Justin with his arm around some other chick with a low cut scoop-neck Bodycon dress. WTF? I scroll down for the caption: 


"Had a really fun night with a bunch of friends... but especially this one that made it even better :)"


I felt that feeling in your throat where you are holding back sobs, so my throat hurt really badly. I didn't want to smudge my mascara so I quickly popped in my earbuds, shuffled my playlist and locked my phone, trying my hardest to forget about the picture. Maybe he really didn't care about me as much as I cared about him. I knew he was going out with friends... Maybe there's an explanation to this? I didn't wanted to confirm my worst nightmare: the tour would ruin our relationship. 


As I pulled up to school, I was greeted by the paps. 


"Sarah, did you see the photo Justin posted??" 

"Are you guys still an item?" 

"Do you know that girl, Sarah?"

"Did Justin have an explanation??" 


put my head down and marched into my school. I didn't have time for them today, especially in my current state of sadness. How could he post something so soon after leaving for the tour? Was I really that easy to get rid of? 


I shook my head, "Sarah, you have 3 tests today and a paper that needs to be turned in in 10 minutes. FOCUS!" My inner Sarah was right. I really did need to attempt to forget about this. Startling a freshman as I slammed my locked shut with determination to rid myself of the evil "what ifs," I ran to turn my essay in. Still no text from Justin.. 


Justin's POV: 


I woke up way later than usual. I had a major headache. CRAP! Hangover! I reached for the bottle of Advil on my nightstand. What even happened last night? After I popped a couple Advil into my mouth and grabbed my phone. Nothing from Sarah, but woah, what did I post on Instagram? I have about a million notifications! Oh god... I unlock my phone and brace myself. Seeing the photo, I wince... this must be why Sarah hasn't texted me good morning. 


*BOOM!* The door to my room flies open and a very angry Scooter is standing in the door way with a stack of magazines, all of them have my face and Kylie Jenner's (the girl from the post) picture plastered on the front. "What the hell is this Justin!?" Scooter booms as he stops closer, throwing the magazines from all different countries onto my bed.


"Scoot... I can explain.." I try to get out, but he quickly interrupts.


"First of all, you have a girlfriend that you claim to really care about Justin! Second, you literally just started the tour and we already have drama??" Scooter's face is turning redder by the minute. I scooted back against the head board to create more space between us.


"I don't know what came over me. I just needed to go out and party. I drank to much, clearly" as I pointed to the magazine, "but that doesn't mean I don't care about Sarah."


"You better fix this man. Sarah is probably getting attacked for this too and you can't even be there with her because you're all the way over here." With that, Scooter turns and marches back out the door, slamming it again.


Sigh... How am I going to explain this to Sarah? Running my fingers through my bed hair, I call Sarah. She should be done with school. 5 calls and 20 texts later, Sarah still hasn't responded.


Sarah's POV:


He's called me 5 times and left me 20 texts to scroll through. All of them saying the same pathetic "please I need to talk to you", "it's not what it looks like", "I miss you baby". Well I miss you too Justin, but I'm not a petty little girl that will do anything to get her man back. If Kylie has your heart, fine. But if you want me to forgive you, you're gonna have to work for it. I am independent and not reliant on you at all. I will be fine.


I was on my way out to the parking lot when I had that realization. Feeling proud, I thought I had finally had a happy moment in my long, hell-like day. Then I heard it... "Hey princess, wanna come hang out tonight?"


I turned around, and sure as hell it was the slimy, disgusting Ben. 


"No I don't asshole." I turned on my heel and started walking faster to my car. He tried to catch up with me, but I had locked my car doors just in time to pull out of the parking lot, leaving that jerk behind. That was close.... 


Then I had that flashback to the concert where Justin saved me from Ben's assaults. I guess I'm not ready to be over Justin... God I miss him... 

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