My Life Saver

She was done with love and romance. All those butterflies flew away after her heart was torn apart by him, Ben. She thought she was done with all of the drama until she got Justin Bieber M&G tickets for her Sweet 16.


3. When you smile, I smile :)

Sarah's POV:

I never get enough sleep but last night was different because I was too excited to sleep. Today, February 11th (a/n- my real bday hehe), I finally turn 16!!! As always, my parents have a wonderful birthday breakfast planned and I get to drive myself to school. 

---skip to school---

At school, I'm sort of popular. Not like the bitchy popular types, but the nice one. As I step into my first class, I get serenaded by my class. I think my cheeks turned a million shades of pink. My teacher walks up and hands over a huge card signed by everyone. When I open it, two tickets fall to the ground. Confused, I pick them up. 

It's hard to explain what happened next because I passed out... But from what I heard, I screamed and jumped at the top of my lungs, started crying and may have hyperventilated. 

Just kidding, apparently I only screamed and started crying. But I did pass out and when I woke up, I was in the clinic. 

Nurse: Sarah? You alright?? You've been out for an hour... Oh! Happy birthday by the way honey!

Me: yeah um thanks... Uh what happened??

And then it happened, she handed over the tickets that had fallen out of my card. 

In my freaking hands were freaking Justin Bieber tickets. My jaw dropped.

Me: how..?

Nurse: well honey, from what your history teacher said, your class had been pooling together money to buy 2 tickets to Justin's next concert. Your friends really appreciate all you do for them.

I can't believe this. Or should I say belieb? ;)


(Skip to home)

As I arrived back at my house, I looked up to see the front door adorned with a big purple banner, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!" I chuckle because my family is so cheesy. Today has been amazing. 

"Sarah!! Go get ready for dinner! We leave in 1 hour and 30 minutes!" My mom calls up the stairs. 

I rush to my room to find my blue sparkly hi low dress laid out on my bed. My heels laying on the ground below the dress. I smile, plug my phone into my ihome and shuffle all my Justin Bieber songs... Which is like over 80 different ones. I can't believe I'm seeing him this weekend! I quickly change into my outfit and go into my bathroom for hair and makeup. I straighten my brown wavy hair and put some mascara and lipgloss on (I like natural looks). 

Finally it's time to leave for the restaurant where my family and friends will be meeting me. 


I drove myself and walked into my favorite restaurant, BJs. I hear those giggles, but trust me, despite the name, this place is pretty damn good. The hostess looks up at me and goes "Sarah?" "Uh yeah that's me..." "Awesome! You're party is waiting. Happy sweet 16 darling!" "Thanks!!" I smile as she waves me off into a private room. 

The lights are off... "What the..." 

"SURPRISE!!!" The room is suddenly bright and everyone I love is there. I feel myself being lifted off the ground and when I look down, I see my favorite guys in the world, Cam, Juan, Jimmy, and Raph. They lift me onto their shoulders and I'm being paraded around the room. They bring me up to my parents, lower me, and my parents put a crown on me and say "you're the princess for the day Sarah". 

I cringe and immediately see the txts and memories of that horrid asshole speaking those words to me. Cam looks up at me and quickly tells the boys to continue bringing me around the room. He can tell I'm bothered by that word and wants to change the topic. I thank him mentally. 

Finally, as I'm seated at the head of the table in front of all my smiling friends, I'm presented with yet another gift. The room goes silent. I'm holding a card from my parents. Why is everyone acting like they know what it is?? This could be the huge surprise I've heard my parents whispering about. Ugh, surprises bother me. I like knowing things. So I rip the card open. 

All I can see is two little corners sticking out of the top... Hmm

I look up at the long table I'm the head at and everyone yells "Sarah!!! Seriously?! Pull it out!!" 

And so I did, I pulled out what was attached to the visible corners. And again, for like the infinite time today, I was hit with another surprise. 

For in my hand, were two M&G tickets for the Justin Bieber concert this weekend. No noise canceling headphones could reduce the sound of the scream that came out of my mouth after that. 

A/n--- I really want feedback lolol comment on my story!! I hope you like this chapter. I tried to pick it up a bit :) I will try to update as much as possible during the week but it will be hard with my schedule, but it doesn't seem like anyone is biting at the bit to see what happens next so it doesn't really matter. Ily guys!! Have a good week:) -TNT 

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