My Life Saver

She was done with love and romance. All those butterflies flew away after her heart was torn apart by him, Ben. She thought she was done with all of the drama until she got Justin Bieber M&G tickets for her Sweet 16.


7. What's going to make you fall

Sarah's POV-

After the kiss, Justin smiled at me and walked back to his car. I will still up against the wall in shock. I felt butterflies. This isn't good. But I mean, he's my boyfriend now. Should I accept that I'm moving on? Ben hurt me so much and I swore off guys, but Justin seems like he would never hurt me. But then again, I didn't think Ben would either.

I sighed and turned to enter my house. There sitting on the couch looking up at me with angry eyes were my parents.

"You couldn't leave a damn note telling us where you went?" My dad snapped.

"Sarah, do you realize what time it is?" Added my mom.

I peered at my phone clock. 2am. That may not be late for you but my parents are extremely over protective. I was in for it.

They both stood.

"Give me your phone, Sarah." My mom said sternly with her hand extended towards me.

"You're grounded for the next two weeks." My dad added as they both stormed out of the room.

At least I still had my laptop right?? I ran to my room and opened iMessage.

To: justin <3

Hey babe, phone taken away for being out late. So don't txt me there.

Immediately a response: "dammit I'm sorry! I didn't even think about your parents. This is all my fault. Tell me if you need anything."

I smiled a little and shut my laptop. It was late and I was tired. Plus, I had school tomorrow.

Justin's POV-

What a night! I was still smiling like an idiot. She kisses so damn well. Wow. I just can't stop smiling.

Tomorrow was valentines day, but since she's still in school we can't really celebrate together during the day. But being Justin Bieber, I knew exactly what to do to make her day special.

---the next day, still Justin's POV---

I had called Sarah's school and found out what lunch she had. After I hung up with them, immediately called Fredo, who is on speed dial.

"Dude! I'm planning something special for my girlfriend since it's valentines day. Can you help out?"

"You met her a few days ago JB and you're already dating her?"

"I feel like she's different. Like I've known her forever. Just help a man out."

"Alright alright. I'm on my way over."

Sarah's POV--

The bell rang and I slammed my French textbook shut and got a glare from my teacher. I hate him, but I tried my best to give an apologetic smile while I threw my book bag over my shoulder before running out the door. I needed to get every minute I could with Cameron today at lunch. We had to speed study for the exam today.

Taking the last two steps on the stairs as one, I quickened my pace as I walked over to the picnic tables. However, they were all empty. I looked around and suddenly I saw something red at my feet. Rose petals. Then I saw him. Justin. Sitting on top of the middle table with a guitar on his knee. I started to walk closer slowly.

As I got closer, I heard his mindless strumming on the guitar. He could make the prettiest chords with his fingers. I slid my backpack off my shoulder and sat down on the bench at his feet and looked up at him.

"Happy valentines day beautiful." He murmured in his deep husky voice. He planted a kiss on top of my head. I felt a tap on my shoulder so I looked back and saw Fredo, I had never met him, who was holding a gorgeous bouquet of deep red roses. Smiling I took the roses and placed them on my lap before redirecting my attention back at Justin.

"I hope I surprised you. I wanted to make our first valentines day special. So I'm gonna sing this song for you."

I had to be blushing even though I didn't want to be. I'm falling way to hard and if he leaves me, I'm gonna go into a deeper depression than I did after my fallout with Ben.

But Justin started to sing "Fall" to me, my favorite one. When it first came out on believe, I vowed to myself that any guy with the balls to sing that song to me would win my heart. Did he know that?

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