My Life Saver

She was done with love and romance. All those butterflies flew away after her heart was torn apart by him, Ben. She thought she was done with all of the drama until she got Justin Bieber M&G tickets for her Sweet 16.


2. They say that hate has been sent...

Sarah's POV

School... My hell hole in the world. I've only been to two classes and I already wish I was back in bed.

On my way to my third period, I walk by Ben. He looks a tiny bit at me but continues walking past me without saying a thing. I admit, it hurt, but two can play at this game.

The day passed slowly and I finally got to lunch. I eat with my guy friends because my girl friends have a different lunch.

I finally spot Cameron waving me over by the picnic tables and I slowly drag my feet over there. Today isn't a good day for me!

As I sit down, Cameron looks at me and says "Sarah, seriously, if you don't stop thinking about that asshole, who isn't worth your time, Juan and I won't eat lunch with you." He chuckles as I playfully punch him in the shoulder.

"Puh-lease, you guys couldn't live without me." I reply.

"Oh, I think we could" Juan replies as he saunters up.

I throw a pretzel at him and he catches it and eats it. I hate him... Not really though lol

"Sarah, give me your phone. I need to do something." Cam commands.

Slowly, I take my phone out of my pocket and pass it to him. He takes it and stands so I can't see what he's doing. I'm 5'4 and he's over six feet so I would need a ladder to see what he is doing. I wasn't even going to try. I just grabbed my sandwich and started eating it as Juan and I started talking about French class. I see Cam pull out his phone, but I don't think much about it.

Suddenly, my phone is placed in front of me and I hear Cam laughing.

"Sarah Sarah! Go look at your contacts!" I start scrolling and I can't find Bens name. Instead I have a new contact, Douche Bag AKA what Cameron changed it to. I show it to Juan and we all start laughing.

"But that's not it!" Cameron announces as he pulls out his phone to reveal a txt he sent Ben from his phone about how rude he was to me and he called him all these names. But Ben will never know it was him, which is good.

After lunch, school passes fairly quickly and I was glad to be home.

No one was home yet so I had the house to myself. Naturally, I rush to my room, turn my ihome on and blast the one and only Justin Bieber. I'm a huge fan and no matter what anyone says, I will love him forever. From grey hoodie to grey hair.

As Long As You Love Me is blasting through my house until I see my moms car pull up. I quickly turn it off and act like I was doing homework. She calls me into the kitchen and tells me to pick out an outfit to wear to my birthday dinner tomorrow. I'm finally turning 16 and I've heard my parents talking about some surprise for me. I'm so excited!! All I know is that the surprise is huge and We are eating at my favorite restaurant.. What could it be?!

A/n sorry this was so boring... It will start picking up. Had to give some background. -TNT :)

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