My Life Saver

She was done with love and romance. All those butterflies flew away after her heart was torn apart by him, Ben. She thought she was done with all of the drama until she got Justin Bieber M&G tickets for her Sweet 16.


4. That's the perfect time for me to taste your lipgloss

A/n-- I'm SOOO sorry I haven't updated. School absolutely sucked this week and I would have liked to update more than doing my homework. Anyway, thank you so much to my 2 commenters haha you both made my day :) which meant a lot this rough week. So here goes!! Chapter 4! I will try to make it long!!

Sarah's POV-

I looked up at the table through tear filled eyes. Of course they were of happiness though. Everyone's hands were over their ears, but they were all laughing at me. 

"Sarah! Shut up!" My best friend Abbie yelled as she playfully slapped my shoulder. 

"Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god." I said almost hyperventilating. "Deep breath in and out...." I said in my head. 

When I had finally gotten over the original excitement, I ran to my parents and thanking them profusely. They told me I completely deserved it from handling school, swim, and my music (piano and flute) so well. 

The rest of my wonderful birthday dinner consisted of all of the people I love singing happy birthday to me in harmony (which means a lot to someone who appreciates music), eating a magnificent cake, and opening the best gifts I've ever gotten. But it was over all too soon and I gave everyone a hug goodnight. Except for Abbie, Chi, Juan, Moe, Kenni, Alyssa, Jimmy, and Cameron because they were staying the night at my house. 

---skip ahead to the next afternoon--

All the guys went home while us girls went shopping to find my perfect outfit. Abbie was the one that was going to the concert with me because she's practically my sister and she's supported me through everything.

At Francesca's, we found my perfect top and skirt. The skirt was a black tight skirt that had some light glitter that would shimmer in the perfect lighting. Then, my top was purple, my favorite color and Justin's hehe... It was a scoop neck shirt with short sleeves and it was not tight fitting.. If that makes sense. It tucked in perfectly with my skirt. And I found some heels that weren't too high or fancy. We got some pretzels and then left. 

In less than 24 hours, I was seeing one of my favorite people in the world. 

---skipping again lol past getting ready for the concert and now we are in the car--

Abbie's POV--

Sarah would literally not stop fidgeting in her seat. She is really too excited!! I'm really glad she got this opportunity but at the same time, she will never stop talking about it after. I'm her best friend but that doesn't mean I love Justin. I'm a tiny fan. I mainly liked him when I was in middle school but now it's not as much as an obsession. However, who could ever turn down a ticket and a M&G to see Justin Drew Bieber. Anyone that could or would was obviously insane. I drove the whole way even though Sarah was driving at first. You see, Sarah was overcome by excitement so she was singing at the top of her lungs... Therefore, she wasn't too focused on the road. I took over driving so she could continue singing because honestly, this is the happiest I've seen her in months. 

Sarah's POV-

"Abbie Abbie!! 15 more minutes and we are the arena!" I couldn't keep myself from smiling like a lunatic. It's okay though, smiling releases dopamine and I was on top of the world. 

We finally reached the arena and Abbie found a parking spot a couple blocks away. We got out of the car and walked towards the side entrance for the meet and greet people (a/n- I've never gotten meet and greets :( so I don't really know how it works. So if I'm completely wrong, sorry lol). Was this really happening?

The line snaked back pretty far but we still had 2 hours until the concert started. Abbie and I entertained ourselves by talking about school (because we go to different ones), music, Justin, and what we should have for dinner after the concert. Suddenly, we were at the front of the line.

"Next!!" Called the photographer. 

Abbie pushed me forward, "it's your gift birthday girl, you are going first." 

Regaining my balance from Abbie's nudge forward, I tried to keep my legs from collapsing under me because they were shaking so hard. I looked up and there in front of me was the Justin Bieber wearing his backwards hat, a sexy ass tank top, his classic black saggy pants, and purple supras. My favorite pair of shoes I might add.

I walked up to him and immediately the smell of his cologne filled my nose. He smelled amazingggg....

"why hello beautiful." He said lifting my chin so my green eyes would look into his deep marvelous hazel eyes. 

"Hi.." I forced out starstruck. Be cool Sarah be cool....

He took my hand. 

Oh geez, starting to lose my cool. Sarah pull it together!! 

"So shawdy, let's get our picture." He said still peering into my eyes. 

I nodded, regained some confidence and said, "only if you smile for real." He laughed and whispered into my ear, "oh baby, that won't be hard to do around you." 

Lord jesus let me live through this moment. I can't die now from happiness. 

We got our picture and he turned to me, "any last requests?"

Oh god, the moment I've been dreaming of. I took a deep breath. "Actually yes.. If you don't mind, I haven't had my first kiss and I really want it to be you." 

He looked at me with surprised eyes. But nonetheless, he started leaning forward, looking down at my lips and back up into my eyes. "of course darling..." He whispered. He closed his eyes and I closed mine. 

Suddenly, warmth filled my body as his lips pressed forcefully onto mine. There were millions of fireworks going off in my head because my dream just became a reality. 

It ended all too soon though when I heard, "Justin! You're needed on stage on stage to perform in 10!" Scooter. Thanks a lot...

A/n-- she met justinnnnnn!!! Hope you guys like it! Xoxo -TNT

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