My Life Saver

She was done with love and romance. All those butterflies flew away after her heart was torn apart by him, Ben. She thought she was done with all of the drama until she got Justin Bieber M&G tickets for her Sweet 16.


6. One Less Lonely Girl

A/n-- so I never did get 5 favorites.. But I miss writing. If you guys don't like my story, please tell me what I should do or add?

Sarah's POV-

It's been two days since Justin saved me from my encounter with Ben. Justin has texted me every morning and every night saying good morning and good night. We txt some, but since I have school, tour conversations are short.

What really sucks is that he doesn't know much about me. He doesn't even know where I live. But I can't get him out of my head. I wonder if he feels the same.

Justin's POV-

Sarah Sarah Sarah. I want her. I need her. I want her to be safe. What if that tall jerk comes after her again and I can't do anything about it?

I pulled out my phone and went to her contact.

J: hey beautiful

S: hi :)

J: I was just thinking about you

S: oh really? ;)

J: yes :) and I need to see you. How far away did you leave from the arena?

S: like an 1hr and a half drive. (Insert random address here)

J: be ready in 2 hours. We are going out. Nothing too fancy:)

Sarah's POV-

Did it just get really hot in here?? Oh no? Well then maybe it's just my cheeks because I'm probably 50 shades of red.

Justin wants to see me! Justin. Bieber. I think I just felt butterflies..

No no. I can't do that. Butterflies are bad. No love. No crushes. Calm down.

I put my phone down on my bed and walked into my closet. I pulled out a pair of leggings, red toms, and my obey tank top. I threw my hair up in a messy bun.

After putting on mascara, because it's all I wear, I say down in front of my MacBook and started watching my favorite show, the Big Bang theory, on netflix.

I was barely halfway through the episode when I heard my doorbell. My parents weren't home so I didn't have to worry about them. I ran downstairs and opened the door. Justin.

Justin's POV-

I guess she looks amazing in anything. Just in a pair of leggings and a tank top, I wanted to push her up against a wall and kiss her like there was no tomorrow. But we weren't there yet. Her curves were outlined perfectly. I couldn't help myself, I licked my lips and pulled her into a hug.

"Hey Angel" I whispered into her ear. I felt her shiver. "Don't be embarrassed" I chuckled as I slowly dropped my hands closer to her ass as our hug ended.

When we pulled away, I gave her my pantie dropping smile and said, "ready to go??"

"Yeah! Hang on, gotta grab my purse from the coffee table."

She turned and ran off. Damn was I happy to see her again. This was only the third time but it felt like I've known her for years.

When she came back, I took her hand in mine and brought her to my car. Like a gentleman, I opened her door to my Ferrari and closed it once she was in. I slid into my seat and turned to her. " I just want tonight to be fun, so don't be a party pooper." I said sticking my tongue out at her.

"Oh really Mr. Bieber? Me a party pooper? Bring it on." She said as she turned her nose up to me jokingly. We both laughed and I drove out of her neighborhood. First stop, laser tag.

Sarah's POV-

I was in Justin Bieber's car. With him. So many girls would kill to be in my place. Already, the mood was super chill and fun. I couldn't wait to see what he had planned.

After a short ride of singing random pop songs, we pulled up in front of the laser tag place. I instantly smiled.

"Oh Bieber, you're going down."

"Is that so James? Loser buys ice cream."

"Deal!" I said as we shook hands.

He came around and opened my door. Hand in hand, we walked up to the laser tag center.

Justin's POV-

Psh, she thinks she can beat me?? That's hilarious. I'm the king at laser tag. I rented out the whole place so we could have it to ourselves. This was one of the coolest places to play.

After we walked in and I signed the rental check, we got equipped for our epic battle.

"Alright, I'm starting on the red team side." She called out as she ran off.

"anything you want darling. I will be on the blue side." I said winking as I saw her face turn red. She's so cute.

---after the game or epic battle as Justin put it---

Alright alright.. Sarah won. Only because she caught me off guard by pushing me up against a wall. She acted like she was going to kiss me. It was sooo seductive that I didn't notice her lifting her gun to my vest. I started closing my eyes for the kiss.. But then I heard,


I snapped my eyes open. "Cheater!!" Sarah was on the floor laughing so hard she was clutching her stomach.

"Hahaha!! don't mess with me Bieber! I'm the queen!! You're buying ice cream." She said smirking as she walked towards the return equipment counter.

Feisty. I liked that. I will have to remember that.

Sarah's POV-

After the ice cream I didn't have to buy, Justin drove me home.

"I really had fun tonight." I said smiling at him. "That's just what I needed."

"I had a lot of fun too." Justin said turning to me as I reached my door.

"Sarah... Um.. Look. I haven't stopped thinking about you since the meet and greet and tonight really helped me make up my mind. I um... Want you to be uh... My girlfriend." He looked up at me. His face was so red.

My face was probably so red too. I mean who am I kidding. "Of course Justin."

Relieved with my answer, Justin stepped closer and said, "now, how about we finish that thing we were about to do earlier at laser tag."

And with that, Justin pressed his lips forcefully to mine and I gladly pressed back.

I think those butterflies came back.

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