My Life Saver

She was done with love and romance. All those butterflies flew away after her heart was torn apart by him, Ben. She thought she was done with all of the drama until she got Justin Bieber M&G tickets for her Sweet 16.


10. All I Need

Sorry for the wait! I just wanna thank the two of you who commented. It was sooo sweet of you to encourage me:) it's a little short, but more too come!! One more thing, please tell me if you would have a problem with any sexual content. Comment if you would like it or dislike it :) xoxo

Sarah's POV-

Sunlight was falling onto the floor through the cracked blinds on my window. I tried getting up from my sleeping position on the couch, but I quickly noticed I was trapped! Justin's arms were still wrapped around my waist and he looked to be sleeping soundly.

"Well, it won't be too hard to pull his arms off." I thought as I slowly reached for his hands. Carefully I pulled one hand off my body. As I was going for the other hand, I was surprised with a quick tighten.

"Where do you think you're going?" Justin mumbled, his voice full of sleep. He returned the once freed hand and tightened his grip. Defeated, I laid back down in front of him and turned my head behind me to see him.

"I was just gonna get something to eat. We didn't have dinner last night." I sighed.

"Noooo.." He whined in a kid like voice. "I wanna cuddle more."

"What if I get food and come back to cuddle?" I suggest to appease his child like behavior.

"Hmmm.... Well I guess I could allow that. As long as I get something first." He smirks.

"Oh yeah? And what would that be Mr. Bieber?" I chuckle, knowing what's coming.

"A KISS!" He shouts as he turns me over, facing him. I laugh but before I know it, he's positioned me on top of him and he's pressing his lips to mine passionately. His hands slide down my back and rest on my ass as he deepens the kiss. We make out for a couple minutes before my stomach starts growling audibly and we pull away laughing. He looks into my eyes still laughing.

"You're adorable babe."

"Maybe, but I'm definitely hungry." I laugh as I pull myself off him and start walking towards the kitchen.

Justin's POV-

I smile as she disappears into the kitchen. She's perfect.

I reach for my phone on the coffee table to check my twitter, but instead I'm greeted with 5 missed calls from Scooter and hundreds of texts from the crew.

"Where are you?"

"You're stuff is packed. You're welcome" a sassy text from my mom.

"Justin seriously. We gotta head out soon."

I deleted them all so I didn't have to sit and read them. I pulled open a group message and told them I just had to say goodbye.

Sadly, I pulled my self off the couch and shuffled into the kitchen. Sarah was by the stove making her tea. Her family was out of town for her sisters dance competition and she had to stay home because she had important tests to take.

She turned around when she heard me and smiled. I stretched out my arms and shuffled forward to get my hug. I hugged her so tightly and didn't want to let go. But I had to because her teakettle was whistling.

After she had poured her tea, she came down to the table to sit with me. I reached across the table to grab her hand.

"Sarah, I gotta go. I'm so so sorry. You know I don't want to. I wish you could come, but with all your tests, I know you can't and it hurts me. When you're done though and on break, I'm so taking you with me for the tour in Europe."

She smiled and I tried to hold back tears.

"I know baby. I'm gonna miss you so much. But you have to do what you have to do." She replied as calmly as she could.

We both stood up and kissed and hugged for as long as we could. But of course, my phone started ringing, no doubt Scooter, and I had to leave. With one last wave I was down the street, zooming off towards the airport.

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