The Story Box

One day Rebecca moves away from her friends and L.A. She moves into an old house in Addison, Alabama. But in her new bedroom she discovers a box containing something that will change her life.


2. The Room

"It's so beautiful"

Thought Rebecca as she examined her new room. There was a 4-poster bed, a walk in closet like she had dreamed of ever since she read the Chronicles of Narnia, a grandfather clock-she wasn't sure if it worked- a ginormous dresser, and a nightstand. Not a speck of dust. She decided to explore her new room. She looked inside of  the closet, and imagined she was Lucy, discovering the world of Narnia for the first time. She decided to look at he back of the dresser. but found nothing. She  examined the inside of every drawer in the dresser and the nightstand. And looked at the grandfather clock-it still worked! This didn't seem strange to her until later. Soon her mother called her and told her it was time to go to bed. She complained but eventually caved and fell on her bed.  That night she had a strange dream that she found a secret drawer in the back of her dresser and there was a map to something in it. She suddenly jolted awake and looked at the clock-it was 7:30. She remembered her dream and looked at her nightstand. She thought "Worth a try. "She pulled it to the middle of her room, looked at the back and yelled. There was a door! She opened it and a beautiful box tumbled  out-made of different pieces of colored glass. It was beautiful! She opened it and gasped-there was a letter inside! It was on very old paper that looked like it would crumble if she touched it. She carefully picked it up and started reading it-quickly, because she knew that any moment her mother would call her for breakfast.

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