The Story Box

One day Rebecca moves away from her friends and L.A. She moves into an old house in Addison, Alabama. But in her new bedroom she discovers a box containing something that will change her life.


3. The Letter

Dear Somebody,

Today my mother was killed. The police say it was suicide, but I know better. I heard the scream. Nobody else lives in my house, and the police won't believe a child.  I even know who the murderer is, but the police still won't listen. They won't listen because it was the chief of police. They think I went insane. I'm not insane. Please tell somebody who will believe you this, an adult, a friend at  school. Make them believe me. Tomorrow they're sending me to the Addison Orphanage. I don't want to go but He said I had to for my own safety. If you fou7nd this letter, please try to bring him to justice.


                                                  Tony Harris


P.S. This box was my mother's most prized possession. Please keep it safe.

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