The Story Box

One day Rebecca moves away from her friends and L.A. She moves into an old house in Addison, Alabama. But in her new bedroom she discovers a box containing something that will change her life.


1. Moving Day

Do we have to move?

Rebecca Harris asked her mom for the millionth time on the long car ride from Los Angeles to Addison, Alabama. "Rebecca, I've told you once and I'll tell you again, we have to! I have had second thoughts too, but we've already sold our house. This house hasn't been cleaned for 30 years so it'll be kind of dusty, but if you'd rather be homeless then get out of the car!" In the years since Mr. Harris's death, Amy Harris had been struggling for money. She would work late hours at her office and make her daughter take after school jobs, but eventually they had to sell their home and move to a cheap house in a small town. Rebecca Harris sat glumly in the backseat of their Buick and thought about the friends she had left behind. Many of them had offered to let her move into their houses but, that was only a dream. Amy Harris was far too proud to accept pity. 2 hours later they arrived at their dilapidated new home. "It's" "Ugly. " Rebecca finished the sentence for her mother. "Rebecca Harris! Don't say that! It's just...interesting." "Yeah Mom. Keep telling yourself that. 'Rebecca moved swiftly toward the front door. When she opened it, she sneezed . " Yuck! It's so dusty!" she exclaimed as she ran her hand through some cobwebs. "Mom, which room is mine?" "Choose one! " Amy yelled to her as she struggled with the luggage. Rebecca walked through the hallway, examining the doors. There was one painted black, one pink, one white...Finally she settled on one that was so dark blue it was almost black. She looked inside of it and exclaimed, "Mom, are you sure this house hasn't been cleaned for 30 years?"She asked, for as she looked inside it was immaculate.

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