The Story Box

One day Rebecca moves away from her friends and L.A. She moves into an old house in Addison, Alabama. But in her new bedroom she discovers a box containing something that will change her life.


4. A Strange Signature / The End

Rebecca stared in amazement in the letter and read it again.  She suddenly noticed his last name. Tony Harris. She read it again and pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming.  It was that moment that Amy called her down to breakfast. "COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW YOU LAZY BUM!" (Amy isn't a morning person) Rebecca ran down the stairs and Showed her mom the letter. Amy knit her eyebrows as she read the letter. "You know, I think I recall an uncle whose mother died..." After she read the letter she picked up the phone. "Who are you calling Mom? "Rebecca asked. "The Police. They'll sort this out once and for all. "When she called a kindly old policeman picked op the phone. "Yello? Yes, I understand. believe it or not, My father was best friends with him. OK, I'll check. " When he hung up, the policeman sitting next to him asked"What was that all about?" He told him and word got around to the sheriff, who resumed the investigation on a case they thought had been solved 30 years ago. Eventually things got back to normal, for everyone but Rebecca. She always kept the box on her shelf. She always felt like there was a bond between her and her uncle Tony, one that could not be broken by anything.

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