Under The Wolf Moon

Valerie Cartwright an elite hunter to be. Raised by her uncle and aunt she has lead a life style like no other. After the brutal massacre of her family she was taught how to defend her own. Now she has reached the age where she can go and hunt on her own she stumbles onto wolf. Not just any wolf a wolf with fiery golden eyes and a silver coat. This wolf looked young though, too young to be with out a parent near by. What she sees next will chill her to the core and will leave her in the ruins of the walls she desperately tried to build.


1. Prologue

It is said that children should not wander to far into the woods alone. For there are creatures lurking about waiting to snatch them from their shoes. Legends and myths that scare children away from the world beyond the tree line. But what if I were to tell you that these fairy tales of men shifting into wolves and racing through the trees were true? Would you venture into the thickets of bushes and trees to see for your self? Would you shrug your shoulders and make a note to never enter? Or would you join me and my struggle to rid the world of these monsters?


I am Valerie Cartwright and I am a raised Werewolf hunter. At the age of 6 I watched as these beasts flew from the tree line and ripped into my family. They were outside having a barbecue and I was inside getting drinks for me and my baby brother. I first heard the ear splitting howl that echoed through the house. Then the mind numbing cry from my mothers lips. I needed my mother but my dad shut the door. Screaming at me not to let anyone in. Not a single person. Those were his last words before the creatures ripped at his flesh tearing it from his bones. I waited for six days till my uncle arrived to the horror scene that was once my home. 


He took me in. Raised me to be what I am, raised me to be a cold hearted killer. I am 18 now and they are leaving me in the small town of Chester Hills, England to hunt down ever member of the local pack and kill them. If I succeed by the time they arrive I will officially start on my hunt for the pack that murdered my family. I will finally have justice brought down upon those who killed my loved ones. 


Can't be that hard right? I can do it. I have done it before but only with the aid of my mentors. It is time that I do this on my own.

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