Under The Wolf Moon

Valerie Cartwright an elite hunter to be. Raised by her uncle and aunt she has lead a life style like no other. After the brutal massacre of her family she was taught how to defend her own. Now she has reached the age where she can go and hunt on her own she stumbles onto wolf. Not just any wolf a wolf with fiery golden eyes and a silver coat. This wolf looked young though, too young to be with out a parent near by. What she sees next will chill her to the core and will leave her in the ruins of the walls she desperately tried to build.


3. Chapter 2

"You found one on your first day?" My uncle asked through the phone. For some reason I felt my heart clench because I had never gotten to know them before. I saw the look on the boys face the look of fear and sadness. I saw the look on Liam's face when he saw the kids throwing rocks at his little boy. There wasn't a hint of anger only concern for his son. Instead of killing me on the spot he let me leave even though he knew I would try to kill him. Every thing I knew about them was seeming to be twisted inside out. 


"Yeah I did… " I told him. I heard my aunt congratulate me from the other end.


"Did you kill them? What did they look like?" She asked me. I knew then that I was on speaker phone.


"It was a father and son. The father he works with me and his son came to the café after school. Kids were throwing rocks at him. I saw the boy heal. But I didn't kill them." I told them. 


"Why not? You just let them go?" My uncle snapped. I sighed. 


"They were different I swear. Liam was kindhearted and sweet. He made my cover and he just let me go. He is no they are different here. He was patient and caring and even when the kids were hurting his son he just cared about Jonathan. I don't even think we have a problem with the wolves here." I explained. My uncle just let out a dry condescending laugh.


"And that's probably what the hunters thought about the wolves that murdered your parents. Fix this or we will and we won't be humane about it." He barked and then the line went dead. I ran a hand through my hair and let out a sigh. I couldn't do this to them. All they had was love not hate. I swallowed hard before going to my closet and grabbing my pair of skinny cargo pants and my hunters jacket. I put on my pair of black boots before running to the guest bedroom. I opened the cupboards and pulled out my crossbow and two silver knives. I was going hunting.






A/N: Sorry for the short update. Comment you thoughts but please no hate. xx

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