Under The Wolf Moon

Valerie Cartwright an elite hunter to be. Raised by her uncle and aunt she has lead a life style like no other. After the brutal massacre of her family she was taught how to defend her own. Now she has reached the age where she can go and hunt on her own she stumbles onto wolf. Not just any wolf a wolf with fiery golden eyes and a silver coat. This wolf looked young though, too young to be with out a parent near by. What she sees next will chill her to the core and will leave her in the ruins of the walls she desperately tried to build.


2. Chapter 1

I woke up to the beeping of my alarm clock. I stole a glance at the time before turning my gaze to my bedroom. I saw the uniform that was laid out on my chair for my new job at the local café. I was going to be here for at least four months and I needed a source of income to 'fit in'. I jumped out of bed and snatched up my clothes before making my way down to the bathroom. 


I slipped out of my underwear and my large grey tee shirt letting the clothing land in a small pile. I grasped at the elastic that held my long brown hair up. It fell down in waves over my shoulders chest and back. I reached into the shower and turned the knob to a warm temperature before stepping into the steady stream of water. I rinsed and washed my hair out before ending the shower. I wrapped my towel around my body in an attempt to keep warm from the cool breeze flowing from the open window. I dried my hair with the dryer and quickly slipped on the uniform. It was a pair of black leggings and a white button up with a name tag… quite simple. 


I slipped on my black toms before shrugging on my thigh length black coat. I left my new home and headed down the street to where I now worked. I arrived at the door and found it to be locked. I knocked on the door multiple times but yet no response. I heard foot steps clattering on the pavement in my direction. I whipped my head in the direction to see a guy about 20 years old coming in my direction. 


"Ello I'm Liam I help run the shop. I am terribly sorry for being late I just got caught up at my sons school." He told me. I looked at him with wide eyes. 


"What? No way you can't be older than 23 at the most." I told him with a innocent tone. He just shrugged his shoulder. 


"I got a girl pregnant when I was 14 and she just up and left me the boy when she turned 18. I was sixteen at that time. He is old about 7 years old." He told me. I just nodded. Seemed logical but still having children at that young of an age is not uncommon for werewolves. He dug in his pocket for his keys before shoving it into the slot and wiggling it open. He held the door open for me and I thanked him quietly before walking in. 


"Oh by the way I'm Valerie, obviously the new employee." I told him kindly. He sent me a warm smile before offering to take my coat. Once again I found myself thanking him. He showed me my way around the café and taught me how to make certain types of coffee. Time had almost sailed and after about ten coustomers it was about 2 o'clock in the afternoon.


"So what is your sons name?" I asked him to break the silence that we had fallen under.


"Jonathan but everyone calls him Jace." Liam spoke. He was busy wiping down the counter as I was wiping down the tables. 


"That's a very nice name. He must be a very nice boy considering your his father." I told him sincerely. I may be a trained hunter but I knew a nice guy when I saw one and Liam had these warm chocolate brown eyes that reminded me of a puppy. 


"Thank you and he is. Although he has trouble at school. He is a nice kid, bright too. Top of his class and great at sports. It's just kids can get jealous and they can be mean. It's hard you know… caring about someone so much and watch them get hurt because of it." He told me. He sounded quite pained to even think about someone hurting his son.


"Have you tried talking to the school about it?" I asked him. He just sighed.


"Yeah but they won't do anything. They just really don't like my family and it is so fucking unfair that my little boy has to be tormented every day just because of an argument that the old geezers had with my grandparents." He told me. I just nodded. Not knowing what else to say I continued to clean. My job was soon cut short when something hit the window. I looked up to see a group of boys crowding around a smaller boy throwing rocks at him. I looked over at Liam who was leaping over the counter. He ran out the shop and I quickly followed. He ignored the kids and ran straight for his son. I looked at all of them. They froze.


"GET OUT OF HERE ALL OF YOU BEFORE I CALL YOUR PARENTS AND THE POLICE!" I yelled. They all ran as fast as they could and I ran back inside the cafe. The first thing I noticed was the cries of Liam's son. I stood there in shock as I saw the boy rapidly heal. I saw it then and there he was a wolf. Liam walked out of the kitchen with a damp cloth and our eyes connected. 


"Val… I can explain…" He said slowly. There was a stack of plates and some cutlery on the table next to me. I grabbed a plate. Before he could react I threw one at his direction. It smashed on the wall behind. 


"No! I know what you are! Do you realize that when he gets real angry for the first time he will rip his classmates to shreds! " I screamed. Jace hopped off the counter and ran behind his father. 


"Ah, you are a hunter. I get it, you think you know everything about our kin? Probably but you don't. We are not what you think we are. He is my son, and I am his father. And you know what else is that the whole town knows about us. They do, that's why we get so much shit is because they know. But this is our town and even if they don't always see it we protect it. You see humans are stupid they pick the most isolated spots to set up camp and any creature would love to have control over a place like this because of the blood supply. But my pack and I protect it. So if you think for one second I will allow you to even get a chance to harm my son you are deadly wrong. So I suggest that you leave now." He growled. I smirked and stood my ground.


"If you think that I will let you scare me off please I've have killed wolves bigger scarier and stronger than you." I hissed. He just glared at me. 


"Have it your way. Just remember little girls shouldn't venture into the woods at night. There are creatures out there to snatch them from their shoes."  He said lowly, I just gave him a smirk before leaving the café.

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