Nobody Knows

Natasha Kendallson is a 16 year old girl, she is a depressed high school student due to bullying and family issues. She had her high school friends but they have no idea whats going on. It's only when a tall boy with brown luscious curly hair and breathtaking green eyes comes and changes


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Dinner was just too awkward, my sister just stared at us and mouthing to me, what I thought she said: "What the fuck were you doing" and when Harry turned over to look into my eyes again I quickly swept another spoonful of soup into my mouth.

Opal was the first to finish, she chucked her bowl violently into the sink and sprinted out of our sight. Me and Harry finished at the same time. I took his bowl out of his hands and picked up my bowl off the table and dropped them into the sink, twice as rough as Opal did. One of the bowls were sure to be chipped.

I walked up to the staircase lookin behind my back swiftly, seeing Harry trot up behind me, following me up the stairs. When I got to my room I spun around seeing Harrys nose touch mine. I giggled a little bit then shot back to reality. I stood inside my room and Harry only just stood inside my room on the corner of the entrance.

He swung his foot inside but then I quickly shoved him back out "Uh.... Why cant I come in may I ask??" He laughed and then I gave him a straight face "Not tonight, what happened before.... Um... Never happened. Ok" I stated strictly. He looked behind my shoulder and gave a small nod "Good. Now you better get home, your mum and dad might get worried" I winked and he rolled his eyes.

After that I stood just in the hallway waiting for him to leave. When he did I heard the front door open and close. I sighed with relief. I cant believe my sister saw me and Harry practically making out. I shouldn't have let Harry take it that far.... But when I think about It again...I was the one who told him to continue.... Oh Nat.... Why?

My eyes glanced around the room until they glued on my calendar and I rolled my eyes, Yay, another fucking day of retarded school. Could life get any freaking better. I walked up to my bed and threw my face into the beds sheets.


My eyes fluttered wide open and I yawned loudly which sent me tumbling out of bed and rolling into my desk. "OW" I yelled in pain. Opal ran into the room "Oh sis, really?" after a few minutes I slowly stood up and shooed my sister out of the room and threw my drawers open in anger of the thought of school.


School, school, school, school, is shit, school, fuck it, should die, school, ill burn it down, Fuck life, school, school, I give up. My thoughts interrupted my walking. I was walking on a long lonely path, only the houses set out on the side of me coloured my view. The sky was cloudy and dark.

I stopped in my tracks and looked onto the empty lifeless road. I walked to the very tip corner of it and brushed my foot over it "Would it be easier to be hit by a car than be bullied" I smiled to the thought. I know what your thinking, Why the fuck is she smiling at the thought of freaking dieing??? Well I can answer this question, The reason I smile is because I wouldn't be bullied anymore or Picked on. It would make life a whole lot easier... Only I wont have a life.

The only down thing about it is that I am afraid... I am afraid of dieing. I started to walk into the middle of the road. I didn't care if a car came, let it kill me. Let it put me out of my misery. I sat stiffly on the ground Looking into the distance of the long street. All I heard was the sound of the wind blowing past my blank face.

I sat there for what felt like 5 minutes until i heard a low motor just behind me, but a while away. Another minute passed and yelling was issuing from behind me now. "Natasha!!!!!" I could make out a low voice. The motor got louder. I slowly turned my head around holding my breath. My heart started racing when I saw a car just a few metres away from me.

My hand shot to my chest in shock. But thankfully just in time, someone came tumbling through, grabbing me by my waist and running me to the path. The car passed us and beeped in irritation "Sorry!!" The person who saved me shouted. I sat up and stared at my hero..

"Harry?!" I stuttered in confusion "What in the world were you doing sitting in the middle of the road, silly silly girl" he yelled his face getting more and more pale with worry. "It's doesn't matter, nothing about that mattered" I huffed and threw my, now half tattered bag over my shoulder.

"Don't walk away from me again Natasha" his hand took hold of my shoulder and I shook it off. I kept walking, I looked behind my shoulder a few times to see him still following me. Maybe I got the wrong idea of him before, he might be a stalker. He might be one of those boys who plays that game where you find a girl and sweep them unexpectedly off their feet and make out with them in their bedroom.


I arrived at the school gates rolling my eyes and seeing everybody's mouths hidden behind their hands, clearly spreading rumours to their bitchy friends. Life. Ugh. My life. What a freaking jewel.

I trotted up the steps of the huge school hall, avoiding all eye contact of those staring. I walked quickly through the long hallway heading straight towards the end to the yard.

But before I could even reach it, yet another hand took hold of my shoulder and dragged me around "Natasha, stop ditching" Brooke hissed into my face "So what" I snapped back at her and shoved her off me "Nat! Your never going to get anywhere in life with your attitude" I turned back around and glared at her "I hate this school, I have wonderful and good reasons to ditch, you don't know what I put up with" with that I stormed out of the hall leaving Brooke standing there in the middle of the hall, wondering what I went through.

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